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International Mobility

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International Mobility Office The Office coordinates local Erasmus activities and the Erasmus Mundus projects in which the University is involved

General Organization

The International Mobility Office of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is responsible for promoting students and teaching staff mobility exchanges with other Universities, both in Europe and non-European countries. The Office coordinates local Erasmus activities and the Erasmus Mundus projects in which the University is involved. It is responsible for publicizing the mobility opportunities, through ads on the University website, in the University Social Network and through the students’ mailing-list.

It gives advice to University students and professors about the study abroad opportunities and supports them in preparing the required documentation. It is also the main service center for international students and academic guests on the University.

The staff of International Mobility Office operates at central level, supported by the Faculty Deans’ Offices


Dario Assante
tel: +39 06 69207664
mail: erasmus@uninettunouniversity.net

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

The International Telematic University has obtained the ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) for the seven years 2014/2020. The ECHE is assigned by the European Commission to the institutions that are committed to give full support to the activities of mobility and international cooperation, promoting and developing the international mobility of students for study or training, encourage cooperation with universities from other countries, stimulate the participation of the University staff mobility programs for teaching activities and training. The Charter grants to the University the right to participate in the Erasmus+ program up to 2020.

Erasmus institutional code
ECHE code
Erasmus Charter for Higher Education
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ECHE awarding letter
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Erasmus Policy Statement
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Siège de l'Université

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Secrétariat des Etudiants

tel: +39 06 692076.70
tel: +39 06 692076.71
e-mail: info@uninettunouniversity.net


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