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Citizenship and Territory

CFU: 3
Langue: Français
Description du cours
The European Union is analized as a federal experience, particularry as a new federal model. The module analizes how advanced is the European federalizing process and how much is important to find the way to finalize it. The perspective is that of comparison even with the United States experience.
Connaissances requises
No prerequisites are needed
The aim of thiscourse is to understand that the European Union is a new federal model and that its federalizing process is going on and it’s in a really advanced step.
Citizenship and Territory
Selected reading materials, bibliography, useful links are on-going updated for this module
Written exercises are provided for this module, in the form of written essays, and shall be scheduled by the tutor.
Professeur non disponible
Liste des leçons
    •  Leçon n. 1: Riconcettualizzando il Federalismo
Beniamino Caravita di Toritto
    •  Leçon n. 2: Welfare e crisi
Beniamino Caravita di Toritto
    •  Leçon n. 3: Partecipazione e garanzie sociali nelle cittadinanze europee. Un confronto con l’esperienza americana
Daniele Porena
    •  Leçon n. 4: Diritti e doveri dei cittadini europei nel Diritto dell’Unione europea e nei Trattati
Daniele Porena

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