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The purpose of this page is to inform you about the opportunity to receive certified training in accordance with ASD-STE100.

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ASD-STE100 (or STE) is an international specification for the preparation of technical documentation in a controlled language. The STE specification is a copyright and trade mark of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (www.asd-europe.org), maintained, controlled, and distributed at no cost by the ASD Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group (STEMG, www.asd-ste100.org).

STE was developed in the early eighties (as AECMA Simplified English) to help users of English-language maintenance documentation to better understand what they read. It provides a set of Writing Rules and a Dictionary of controlled vocabulary. The Writing Rules cover aspects of grammar and style, while the Dictionary specifies the general words that can be used. These words were chosen for their simplicity and ease of recognition. In general, there is only one word for one meaning, and one part of speech for one word. In addition to the specified general vocabulary, STE accepts the use of company-specific or project-oriented words, provided that they fit into one of the categories listed in the STE specification.

While STE was originally developed for the aerospace industry, today it has become the most widely used controlled language on the planet. The success of STE is such that other industries want to use it beyond its intended original purpose of maintenance documentation. The interest in STE is also growing within the academic world and, for its principles and accuracy, it is a model writing standard for different domains and industries, such as information technology, software, transport, automotive and medical equipment manufacturing, power generation, high-tech sectors, translation and language services, and many others. The use of STE makes technical texts easy to understand by all readers.

Why Training in STE?

The primary scope of STE is the creation of simplified texts for readers. However, STE is not a simplified version of English for writers. Writing correctly in STE is not an easy task as it requires a very good command of the English language together with good knowledge of the subject that the author is writing about.This combination is without doubt the key to writing successfully in STE. Authors who want to write proficiently and correctly in STE must use the STE specification as their only point of reference. There is nothing that can replace it.

Without training, authors tend to focus simply on the Dictionary and not on the Writing Rules, which are equally important. Simply giving authors a copy of the specification is probably the best way to discourage them from learning about STE, and applying it correctly. It is important for authors to fully understand the STE rules, and to think about what they are writing. Therefore, STE training is the first essential step for a technical author to be able to use STE correctly.

The STE Course

The STE basic course is equivalent to 24 hours of classroom activities. It is a distance-learning course delivered worldwide through the UNINETTUNO educational portal by means of a specific e-learning distance teaching model. This consists of a specific program, which includes video lessons, online exercises, virtual classrooms and exams, given and supervised by online professors, and tutors. The course is specially addressed to participants who as authors, writers and reviewers, wish to understand the basic principles of STE and use STE in their professional life. The participants must have a very good command of the English language.

Enrolment information and course duration

Enrolment is possible all year long and the course takes 4 weeks to complete. It is possible to enroll at any time of the year.

Course Cost and Certification

The STE course costs € 950 per participant. Upon successful completion of the course, UNINETTUNO and ASD will award an official joint certificate.

Training for Trainers

In addition to the basic course for authors, previously specified, UNINETTUNO offers, by means of a deeper and thorough training session and exam, the opportunity to certify trainers. These are people who, usually through their specific companies and organizations, desire to become ASD authorized STE trainers and deliver, in turn, ASD-certified STE training on a commercial basis.

The STE course for Trainers is equivalent to 40 hours of classroom activities and its duration is 6 weeks. This certification is not permanent and certified trainers have to renew it periodically (every 5 years). The cost for this type of course and its associated certification is € 4000 per participant.

How to study

The course is delivered through the psycho-pedagogic model, developed by Prof. Maria Amata Garito and her team at UNINETTUNO as a result of several international research projects. This model is based on cognitive and connectionist theories and concretizes the shift:

  • From a teacher-oriented role to a student-oriented role
  • From knowledge transfer to knowledge creation
  • From passive, yet competitive integration of theory and practice to actively empowered and collaborative learning.

The student is at the center of the training path, guided by the online professor and tutor who have the task of supplying the tools that can facilitate his or her web-based learning and communication path. The whole teaching and learning process takes place on the Internet. On the www.uninettunouniversity.net portal there is a dedicated area in which the ASD-STE100 training is included. The Internet-based platform transfers lessons, multimedia products, databases, exercises, evaluation and self-evaluation systems, online tutoring, forums, chats and thematic wikis directly to the student’s desk.

Virtual laboratory:
This is an environment in which the student integrates theory with practical experience.

Online Exercises:
This section includes interactive online exercises linked to the topics treated in the video lessons.

Online tutoring/virtual classroom:
Online tutoring is organized in classes of a maximum of 20 students, with an advanced program that customizes training tasks to user-specific requirements. An advanced system of qualitative and quantitative tracking permits continuous supervision of the learning process of each single student. The tutoring activities take place:

  • In real time by means of video - and audio- conferencing systems that are implemented in the Didactic Cyberspace, but also in the three-dimensional classroom.


  • In a diachronic way by means of forums, wikis and social networks. The virtual classroom is an environment where direct interaction between professors, tutors and students takes place and where knowledge is shared. The virtual classroom enables dialogue and learning in a cooperative and collaborative way with interactive practice exercises and mid-term assessment tests.

Final Exam:

At the end of the course, the student must pass an exam which consists of a written test done either face-to-face at UNINETTUNO’s offices or through a video-conferencing system.


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