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IO1-A1 : DECISION MAKING IO1-A1 : DECISION MAKING about all the implementation steps to secure successful results, good content, a balance between artistic licence in production and homogeneity. Thresholds of success and reach of the social media campaign will be decided in this meeting. This will start in M1 and continue in M2. -
O1-A2 : SHARING OF INFORMATION IO1-A2 : Sharing of information about experience and knowledge transfer especially when it comes to opportunities for distribution. This will start in M1 and have a more intensive time between M1 and M2 but will continue during the rest of the project lifetime. -
IO1-A3 : FORMATION OF LOCAL GROUPS IO1-A3: formation of local groups of at least 5 youths and 2 youth leaders who will Engage in local activities under the leadership of youth leaders to: - form a local group of at least 5 youths and 2 youth leaders, - engage recent migrants willing to share their story - produce video content to feed the campaign (at least 2 video stories per partner) and - work with the other partners to implement the social media campaign. -
IO1-A4: DOCUMENTARY FOOTAGE LIBRARY IO1-A4: documentary footage library to be generated from the digital audiovisual archive of MOAS so that this is used to feed the campaign and animate the video interviews with recent migrants in Europe and returned migrants in Nigeria. -
IO1-A5: LOCAL VISUAL PRODUCTION PROJECTS IO1-A5: local visual production projects by youths involved in the six countries using all the tools for project management, research, video production up to delivery in a cross border collaborative manner but edited centrally by VisMedNet to maintain homogeneity, corporate brand and common credit of supplier of footage etc. -
IO1-A6: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN IO1-A6: social media campaign by local teams together following a social media campaign strategy using a storytelling process - minimum of 12 video stories by 12 recent migrants – decided upon in M1 and M2 updated in online monitoring meetings and in M3. -
IO1-A7: MAKING-OF CLIP IO1-A7: making-of clip will be produced by VisMedNet featuring the work done and footage of testimonials by youths involved in the project and edit all videos in a collaborative manner -
IO1-A8: PUBLISHING OF VISUAL PROJECTS AND COMMUNITY BUILDING IO1-A8: publishing of visual projects and community building on the project website and on the websites of partner organisations as well as in social media spaces pertaining to the project and community building effort around the project. -
IO1-A9: TV BROADCASTING STRATEGY IO1-A9: TV broadcasting strategy. UNINETTUNO will embark on a satellite TV campaign using its own infrastructure and reach and will seek redistribution agreements on the sites of its partner universities around the Mediterranean basin setting the example for the rest of the partnership to emulate such efforts of engagement of social partners sharing the mission with The Real Picture of inclusion, social cohesion, media education and peace. -
IO1-A10: VALIDATION PROCESS IO1-A10: validation process of The Real Picture activities is a long term activity that will look at the planning stages and the kind of monitoring required so that one can maintain flexibility and at the same time guarantee a learning experience at all times that matches what was planned in the beginning. -

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