Università telematica internazionale UNINETTUNO

MEDASTAR - MEDiterranean Area for Science Tecnology and Research

Global programme: Erasmus Mundus
Specific programme: EMA2-STRAND 1
Call: EACEA 41/10
Project number: 2011 - 4051 / 002 - 001 EM Action 2 Partnership
Duration: 48 Months (15-07-2011 - 15-07-2015)
Project Manager: Prof. Vicente Gotor Santamaria (University of Oviedo)
Website: http://www.medastar.eu/


The project will improve mutual knowledge in a number of research areas of specific interest to both Egypt, Lebanon and EU partners. This consortium is already enhancing bilateral relations between the EU, Egypt and Lebanon partners through a number of EU funded projects including previous EMECW projects.


MEDASTAR (Mediterranean Area for Science, Technology and Research) is a project that aims for broader co-operation between Europe, Egyp and Lebanon putting emphasis on science, technology and research.The project is devoted to creating a mutual forum for scientific cooperation, acknowledgement and exchange.
In total, 199 mobility flows are planned: 60 Undergraduates, 54 Master, 41 Doctorates, 23 Post-doctorates, and 21 Staff Mobilities from which 12 will be for Academic Staff and 9 for personnel involved in institutional building. Thus 9 Administrative Staff will receive a tailor-made program on university governance and quality assurance organized in one of the EU partner universities. 92 Mobility Flows will be from Egypt, 71 from Lebanon and 36 from EU.



  • - Increase research, innovation and exchange of knowledge between partners
    - Promote science and technology in cooperation with private industry
    - Internationalisation and excellence of studies
    - Gender balance
    - Quality assurance for internationalisation
    - Promote Internship programmes and collaboration between Egyptian, Lebanese and European institutions.

دور أونينتونو

International Telematic University (UNINETTUNO) established the first bilateral agreement with an Egyptian institution in 1993, which was supported by the governments of Italy and Egypt as well as the European Commission and also receives students and professors from Lebanon. Within Egypt, balance is sought by bringing representatives from different regions with a wide range of international experience.



PartnersCountryجهات الاتصالWeb
6 th October Investors AssociationEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Ain Shams UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
American University of BeyruthLebanonجهات الاتصالWeb
Arab Academy for Science and TechnologyEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Compostela GroupSpainجهات الاتصالWeb
Damanhour UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Engineering Export CouncilEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Goettingen UniversityGermanyجهات الاتصالWeb
Helwan UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Lebanese American UniversityLebanonجهات الاتصالWeb
Nile UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Port Said UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Saint Joseph UniversityLebanonجهات الاتصالWeb
SciencesPoFranceجهات الاتصالWeb
Sohag UniversityEgyptجهات الاتصالWeb
Steinbeis Transfer Center Mechatronic KarlsruheGermanyجهات الاتصالWeb
International Telematic University UNINETTUNOItalyجهات الاتصالWeb
Karlsruhe Applied Sciences UniversityGermanyجهات الاتصالWeb
Masaryk UniversityCzech Republicجهات الاتصالWeb
UCTM SofiaBulgariaجهات الاتصالWeb
Universidad de OviedoSpainجهات الاتصالWeb
Vrije Universiteit BrusselBelgiumجهات الاتصالWeb

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e-mail: info@uninettunouniversity.net

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