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Guidelines for enrolling at university courses for foreign students


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A guide aimed at foreign students who intend to enroll in university in Italy, with step-by-step directions, a check-list of required documents, and a section aimed specifically at refugees and those who are unable to produce all the required school documentation.

It was produced by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO as part of the Destinazione Comune (Common Destination) project. It is a user-friendly guide that can be downloaded online and is available in Italian, English, French and Arabic, and is intended to offer a tool for navigating complex procedures and information that is often hardly accessible to those who do not speak "bureaucratic" Italian.

Alongside the guide for students, a vademecum aimed at Italian higher education institutions is being developed, aiming at offering guidance on admission procedures for international students and refugees even in the very frequent cases where they do not have all the required school documentation.

The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO thus intends to make available to the academic community a tool to share its experience of opening university courses of study to refugee students, gained through the University for Refugees initiative.

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