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أحداث فبراير/ شباط 2016


أحداثتاريخمكانمعاينة مسبقة
Research day 2016, all the projects in progress, told by the Uninettuno researchers 23-02-2016 International Telematic University UNINETTUNO
The "Research Day" of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO was an important opportunity to take the point of the state of the art of university research and launch new projects and new ideas.A very varied framework within which, on the one hand, the "university research activities" are located, ie those concerning technologies and methodologies related to distance learning and teaching processes; on the other hand, the "Faculty research activities", linked to the specificities of the individual degree courses.
Nasce un Polo universitario per tutti i lavoratori stranieri residenti in Calabria 08-02-2016 Catanzaro Accordo tra UNINETTUNO, Area Assistenza Agenzia per stranieri e Arcivescovado di Catanzaro e Squillace per permettere a tutti gli stranieri residenti nella città di Catanzaro e nel resto della regione Calabria, di iscriversi alle facoltà on line dell’Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno.
Inauguration of the first academic year of the Master of Science in “Health Management” with the Global University of Science of Somalia 02-02-2016 Rome

On Tuesday, the 2nd February, during a videoconference between the Rector of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Professor Maria Amata Garito, and the President of the Somali Global University of Science, Dr. Abdulcadir M. Giama, the first academic year of the Master of Science in “Health Management” aimed at training the managerial and administrative staff of the Somali hospitals.

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