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The Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates watched by three million people live on the web thanks to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO


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The 10th Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates, which went on in Berlin from the 10th to the 11th November, has succeeded in spreading its message of hope all over the world thanks to the web live broadcast on the website and on and also thanks to the media partnership with the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.
Through UNINETTUNO web-TV, there have been three million viewers watching this Berlin two-day event in which the speeches of great personalities, from Gorbachev to Lech Walesa and Nelson Mandela, who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the last years, followed one upon the other.
The peak viewing time during the live web-streaming was reached during the morning of the second day, November the 11th, and in particular during the awarding to the Nobel Laureates of the “Charter for a World without Violence” given by the World March for Peace and Non-Violence that stopped in Berlin.
After the prize-awarding of Annie Lennox, the singer of the Eurythmics, for her engagement as pacifist and against HIV, and the presence of the German director, Wim Wenders, who spoke about his experience in Calabria where he shot his latest movie, a 3D short film called “The Flight”, based on a true story. It is about the reception given by two towns of the Locride district, Badolato and Riace, that opened the houses in their immediate outskirts, abandoned by the Calabrian emigrants, to welcome the refuges who landed on the Ionian shores in the last years, working a true miracle of social integration.
According to the director, this was such an important experience that he described it as “the most beautiful thing of my life” before an passionate audience and ended by saying: “Utopia is not the fall of Berlin Wall, but what I witnessed in Riace”. Exactly on the last day, thanks also to two famous figures such as Wim Wenders and Annie Lennox, the peace message of the Nobel Laureates reached the highest viewing peaks arriving to the record figure of 3,109,000 hits to the website in two days.
There have been many students of many countries of the world who visited the website:
The country that got the highest number of hits was Germany, followed by France, Spain and Italy and then by many Arab Countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya where UNINETTUNO is very popular, thanks to its satellite television network, RAI NETTUNO SAT 1 (watchable in Italy on SKY 821 channel) and where hundreds of students are enrolled in the Faculties of the Italian online university thanks to some agreements signed by UNINETTUNO with the universities of their countries.
It has been a great success both for the Summit and for the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, as Prof. Maria Amata Garito, Rector of the university, explains: We were very proud of boosting and spreading all over the world the message of the Nobel Peace Laureates through the technologies made available by our University and this adds new contents to the efforts that we are making to spread knowledge and learning which are the only tools capable of promoting the culture of non-violence . Beside web-TV, the Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates, including also the interviews to the protagonists of the two-day event of Berlin, will be broadcast in the Christmas period within the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO special programming schedule.
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