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Ingegneria Civile (Academic Year 2018/2019) - Strutture e Infrastrutture

Dynamics and seismic engineering


Lesson n. 1: Causes and measure of earthquakes
   Causes of earthquakes

   Measure of earthquakes
Lesson n. 2: Dynamics of single degree of freedom systems
   Single degree of freedom system

   Free undamped vibrations

   Free damped vibrations

   Forced vibrations
Lesson n. 3: Seismic excitation and response spectrum
   Seismic excitation

   Elastic response spectrum

   Fourier spectrum
Lesson n. 4: Site effects
   Local amplifications

   Changes in the soil conditions
Lesson n. 5: Seismic zonation
   Seismic macrozonation

   Seismic microzonation
Lesson n. 6: Ductility
   Elasto-plastic oscillator

   Local and global ductility
Lesson n. 7: Behaviour factor and capacity design
   Behaviour factor

   Capacity design
Lesson n. 8: Technical standards and design spectrum
   Italian Technical Standards

   Elastic Response Spectrum

   Design spectra
Lesson n. 9: Structural regolarity and irregularity
   Regularity in elevation

   Regularity in plan
Lesson n. 10: Dynamics of multi degrees of freedom
   Multi degrees of freedom system under seismic motion

   Undamped free vibrations

   Modal analysis
Lesson n. 11: Methods of analysis. First part
   Modal analysis

   Modal combination rules
Lesson n. 12: Modal analysis with response spectrum
   Modal analysis with response spectrum

   Modal analysis of a plane frame
Lesson n. 13: Methods of analysis. Second part
   Linear static analysis

Lesson n. 14: Methods of analysis. Third part
   Non linear static analysis

   Non linear dynamic analysis
Lesson n. 15: Seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete structures
   General criteria


Lesson n. 16: Seismic behaviour of steel structures
   General criteria

   Design rules
Lesson n. 17: Seismic behaviour of masonry structures
   Collapse mechanisms

   Causes and interventions

Lesson n. 18: Base isolation and dissipation
   Theoretical basis

   Base isolation and dissipation devices

   Limitation for the use of isolation devices


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