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Ingegneria Civile (Academic Year 2020/2021) - Edilizia e Progettazione

Scienza delle costruzioni II

CFU: 9
Language: Polski
Course description
The course of Structural Mechanics II is intended to complement and deepen the basics given in the course of Structural Mechanics. It will aim to equip the Student of the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with the conceptual tools needed for advanced modeling of the mechanical behavior of materials and structures. Emphasis is placed on the static-kinematic duality principle valid for all structural elements (beams, arches, cables, plates, shells, membranes, solid three-dimensional), which allows a direct numerical implementation using finite element discretization of the elastic domain.
It is necessary to have followed and understood the video lessons and all the exercises of the course of Science of Construction of the respective three-year degree.
The course contents are those handouts loaded in the section related to the entire teaching and are summarized as follows: The beam reactions. The beams and slabs under bending. Calculation of the stress characteristics in a circular arc subject to radial and vertical loads. The finite element method. The structural symmetry. The statically indeterminate structures: force method. The statically indeterminate structures: displacement method. The plane frames. The principle of virtual work. The elastic equilibrium instability. The theory of plasticity. The Virtual Classrooms will be timed during the course. For each of macro subjects self-assessment exercises are available that provide for the development of computational exercises and problem solving that will enable to exercise and put into practice the knowledge delivered through the video lessons and virtual classrooms.
The course evaluation methods are structured by two intermediate tests, which will be delivered by UNINETTUNO platform and evaluated by the Teacher / Tutor. Such verification tests, wider than the self-assessment exercises, will focus on the topics of the course.
Luca Placidi
List of lessons
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
Mohamed El Sherbiny
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