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MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Electronics and Electronic Measurements


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Leçon n.1: Basic circuit concepts for electronics and examples
Leçon n.2: Elementary circuits review
Leçon n.3: Basic Analog Amplifiers Concepts
Leçon n.4: Operational amplifier and related circuits
Leçon n.5: The pn junction diode, model and some examples - part I
Leçon n.6: The pn junction diode, model and some examples - part II
Leçon n.7: Some basic analog circuits with diodes
Leçon n.8: Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)
Leçon n.9: The MOSFET transistor
Leçon n.10: MOSFET Models in Little Signal condition
Leçon n.11: BJT Model in little signal condition
Leçon n.12: Circuit simulation with SPICE
Leçon n.13: Tutorial on SPICE
Leçon n.14: Modeling MOSFET devices in SPICE simulator
Leçon n.15: Modeling BJT devices in SPICE Simulator
Leçon n.16: Digital Electronics: an introduction
n. 16.1 -
Introduction to Digital Electronics   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
digital electronics
Leçon n.17: CMOS Logic
Leçon n.18: Digital memories and FLIP FLOPS
Leçon n.19: Fundamentals of measurement theory
n. 19.1 -
JCGM 200:2008. International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM)   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
n. 19.2 -
Bureau international des poids et mesures (BIPM)   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
n. 19.3 -
SI base units   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Leçon n.20: Electronic measurements: general aspects
Leçon n.21: Metrological properties of measuring devices
Leçon n.22: Measurement uncertainty: theoretical aspects
n. 22.1 -
Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Leçon n.23: Measurement uncertainty: application aspects
Leçon n.24: Time domain: period and frequency measurements
Leçon n.25: Time domain: time interval measurements
Leçon n.26: Digital voltmeters: theoretical aspects
Leçon n.27: Digital voltmeters: practical aspects
Leçon n.28: AC voltmeters
Leçon n.29: True rms voltmeters and multimeters
Leçon n.30: Digital storage oscilloscopes
n. 30.1 -
XYZs of Oscilloscopes   (A.Y. 2011/2012)
n. 30.2 -
Data Acquisition   (A.Y. 2011/2012)
Leçon n.31: Analog-to-digital converters
n. 31.1 -
Noise, Averaging and Dithering in Data Acquisition Systems   (A.Y. 2011/2012)
n. 31.2 -
Bandpass Sampling for Data Acquisition Systems   (A.Y. 2011/2012)
Leçon n.32: DSO: memory, E.T. sampling and probes
Leçon n.33: Measurements in frequency domain: general aspects
Leçon n.34: Analog spectrum analysis
Leçon n.35: Superetherodyne spectrum analyzer
Leçon n.36: Digital spectrum analysis

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