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Èconomie et gestion des entreprises (Academic Year 2019/2020) - Economie et Gouvernance de l’Entreprise

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Leçon n. 1: Introduction to Computer Science

   History of computers

   What we can do today

   Example of today applications
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Leçon n. 2: Computer Architecture: Hardware
   Information representation


   Random Access Memory

   Read Only memory

   Cache memory

   Hard disk
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Leçon n. 3: Computer architecture: Software

   Programming language

   Operating system

   File system

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Leçon n. 4: Computer Networks
   Definitions and terms

   Communication protocols

   Networks types

   Computer network architectures

   Cloud computing
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Leçon n. 5: Excel Basics
   The excel user interface

   Handling data

   Handing cell rows and columns

   Save your work
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Leçon n. 6: Excel Advanced - Part One


   Charts and Graphics
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Leçon n. 7: Excel Advanced - Part Two


   Sort and filter lists

   Pivot tables
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Leçon n. 8: Excel for Statistics Analysis
   Descriptive Statistics

   Inferential Statistics
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Leçon n. 9: Automate Tasks in Excel
   Automated Excel definition

   Macro definition

   How developing Macros

   Simulation definition

   Macro example

   Logical Function

   Function for Text and Table extraction
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Leçon n. 10: Example Data Analysis with Excel
   Research description

   Example of questions

   Comapring means of groups of variables

   Managing a data table with excel

   Data Analysis

   Example of Pivot Table application
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Leçon n. 11: Word Processing
   Word processing definition

   Editing text document

   Markup language definition

   Microsoft Office Word

   Microsoft Office Word Review feature

   Latex language

   Html language
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Leçon n. 12: Powerpoint
   Power point definition

   Power point tool bar

   Editing slide

   Slides design

   Example of how to design with themes


   Inserting and editing pictures
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Leçon n. 13: The Internet and the World Wide Web
   Overview on internet and the world wide web

   Computer networks

   Internet and the introduction of communication protocols

   Internet addressing

   Internet services

   Internet applications protocols

   Main elements of world wide web

   Search tool: web page
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Leçon n. 14: The evolution of the WEB - Part one
   Web1.0 and web 2.0: overview

   Web1.0: Web as information portal

   Uniform resource locator (URL)

   Example of Hypertext markup languange (HTML)


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Leçon n. 15: The evolution of the WEB - Part two
   Web 3.0 definition

   Summary of web1.0 and web 2.0

   Web 3.0

   The semantic web and the web of data

   Unique resource identifier

   Linked open data

   Improving web search
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Leçon n. 16: Google and its services
   Google introduction


   Google interface

   Example of google search

   Google maps

   Google translate

   Google Drive
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Leçon n. 17: Cyber security

   Hacker definition

   Malware definition

   Firewall definition

   Cyber security Categories

   Web security management



   Examples of Threats
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