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Operational and Scientific Facilities




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The PhD students have at their disposal adequate teaching and research facilities at the head office in Rome. Moreover, the research laboratories are included in the technological platform of UNINETTUNO, with computer-based connections with other research laboratories of different countries and different universities of the world. This allows PhD students to carry out their research activities using the network to exchange data, standardize research protocols, and share materials, equipment, and laboratories. UNINETTUNO's platform allows to collaborate with other international research centers and groups and to work together remotely.

Equipment and/or Laboratories 

Thanks to the agreements signed, the University can allow PhD students access to laboratories and equipment of important institutions, including the CNR. 

Library Property 

The central library of Uninettuno has over 1,100 volumes. 
Given its online nature, the University decided from the outset not to subscribe to print journals, guaranteeing access to online journals instead.


Databases (access to the content of wide ranges of journals and/or publishing series): The University, both thanks to the agreement with the CNR and through subscriptions to databases and digital catalogs, provides access to Publishers and Electronic Scientific Resources. In particular, access to almost 6,000 electronic journals and over 126,000 e-books is currently guaranteed.

Software specifically related to the areas of research envisaged: the University provides PhD students with software suitable for the training activities envisaged in the two curricula.

Spaces and resources for PhD students: the University provides PhD students with a workspace in its headquarters, provided with all necessary equipment and in compliance with Covid-19 regulations.