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Master in Sports Education

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Description of the Course

This course has been designed for teachers of PE or those that are involved in sports. Taught by sports professionals, you will learn state of the art techniques used by world class athletes.

Work-Based Learning Approach: Our philosophy is that our degrees should be focused equally on academic rigor and work-based practice. This is the reason why our courses are assessed by continuous assessment and no written exams. The courses encourage you to bring your learning to your place of work and to integrate you new skills into your science, home economics or PE classes. Moreover, the practical nature of the courses are also designed to provide you with material and ideas you can bring to TY or even projects for the Young Scientist.

Teaching Resources Available: The experiments in Human Physiology Experiments Book encourages students to investigate the physiology of the cardiac, muscular, respiratory, vascular, and nervous systems. Experiment setup is minimal—students are collecting data in minutes.

Make Use Of The Sensors You Already Have In Your School: Vernier sensors are versatile—no matter which science you teach, we have options for data collection. Many sensors can be used across several subject areas allowing departments to share resources and maximise use of technology for hands-on experimentation.


The main objective is to bring sports science for teachers direct to them. To allow them to gain and affordable and highly regarded qualification that they can bring to their teaching practice. The opportunity to study under professional athletes, coaches and world renowned coaches and academics in sports science and medicine is blended into a single course.

Scientific Committee

  • Nicola Paravati (Head of International Affairs Office, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO)
  • Vincent English (CEO Vernier Europe)
  • Moira O’Brien (Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, Trinity College Dublin)
  • Michael Clegg (Former Professional Footballer, Manchester United)
  • Ruth Forrest (Psychotherapist & Researcher)
  • Mick Clegg (Director of Sports Performance Innovation)
  • Adrian Lamb (High Performance Coach)
  • Michele O’Brien (CEO Osteoporosis Society of Ireland)
  • Padraig Sheeran (DEAN, Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, RCPI & RCSI)

Who should study?

The PgDs and Masters degree is aimed specifically at teachers who, either have an interest in physical education, or who are actively teaching in this area. Partnering with elite coaches from professional sports backgrounds and the medical expertise of the Irish Osteoporosis Society bring a unique academic and practical blend to the programmes. Working with Vernier also allows to gather and analyses real data from fitness activities and take ownership of their own programmes and make it meaningful for their students as well.

Assessment and Learning Model

Each module is assessed by means of an assignment that is work-based based assignments that are grounded and relevant to the work-based professional approach philosophy. There are no written exams, so assessments is 100% coursework based. If you decide to progress to the MProf stage you will be assigned a mentor and your project will involve a training regime you have designed for your place of work.

The learning experience is based around the award winning didactic cyberspace model pioneered by University Uninettuno in Rome. It has developed to build a community of practice around students who study at a distance creating a virtual campus that students can meet and collaborate in their learning. Since these courses emphasis work-based learning and application, emphasis is placed on peer to peer, inquiry-based methods and dialogic pedagogies.

Entry Requirements

The minimum requirements is a bachelors degree in any discipline and you are either involved directly in teaching or have plans to do so. This course may also be of interest to those who work in local sports clubs and who want to bring an advanced level of fitness and health expertise to their respective organisations. The admission procedure may involve a personal interview in some cases.

Course Structure

The program covers key areas that are relevant to teachers in:

  • Physiological Scenarios
  • Exercise Testing
  • Musculoskeletal Problems And Exercise
  • Exercise
  • Data Logging
  • Osteoporosis
  • Athlete Profiling & Analysis
  • On-Field Training
  • Off-Field Training
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology Of Sport
  • Research Methods
  • Final Project

About Partners

Vernier is the world leader in datalogging technologies in schools. Founded in 1981, Vernier has become the future of STEM ever since. Vernier is renowned for the quality and innovation for generations of science teachers across the world. Our mission is to inspire Scientific curiosity in students around the globe. We strive to increase student learning and to support science educators by pioneering technologies used to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data.

Seed of Speed with over 50 years experience in the sporting industry, our team has coached Olympic medal winners and top footballing legends, as well as playing professional football and coaching at Premier League football clubs. Our coaching focuses on physical conditioning by unlocking how your brain and fitness can work together perfectly to bring the best in your students.

The Irish Osteoporosis Society are the National Experts regarding Bone health. The Charity is dedicated to reducing the incidence of Osteoporosis and promoting good bone health. We provide information to the public and health professionals on all aspects of the disease. We also offer support to people with Osteoporosis, their families and everyone at risk from the disease.

Pillars of Performance is the culmination of 20 years supporting elite athletes and coaches, condensed into one comprehensive philosophy. Based on six key principles which underpin athletic success, these pillars work in an integrated fashion to equip athletes with the tools needed to maximise potential, reduce injury risk, and lengthen careers. Our aim is to educate, to develop, and to champion every facet of the athlete support structure driving results in every sporting arena.




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