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Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law


China is playing an increasingly important role in global commerce. It now crucially impacts on the landscape of the world's economy, especially with the country's success in becoming a World Trade Organization (WTO) member. China business at the present time is a virtually indispensable component of life for people and enterprises around the world. In this environment, specialized knowledge of Chinese business law is becoming increasingly sought after, especially by those in the fields of law, business and general administration.
The Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law programme, is designed to meet the strong demand for useful knowledge in Chinese business law in a context where law and business are intertwined, and to provide relevant cross-border and comparative perspectives.
The programme will be delivered online in the e-learning mode, and will be presented in both Chinese and English versions. It involves a combination of eight core Chinese business law courses and four elective courses in business and/or law areas.
There is an early exit point to the Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law programme, where students who have completed 20 credits will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Business Law (PCCBL).


Who should attend?

Course content emphasizes practicality and broad coverage to help students gain a solid understanding of Chinese business law. This programme is suitable for:

  • business management professionals in Chinese–foreign (including Hong Kong and Taiwanese), joint ventures and foreign-related enterprises.
  • managers of proprietors of non-government enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


Programme Highlights

  • Student can attend real-time online lectures and tutorials
  • Course materials developed by renowned Beijing scholars and legal experts
  • Focus on case studies and business applications for legal professionals and managers
  • Round-the-clock online access to law journals and law cases through the University's E-Library
  • May complete the programme in 12 months
  • Recognized by the Law Society of Hong Kong (HK) and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)

A group of renowned scholars and legal professionals, led by Prof. Zhao Rui, Deputy Director of Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Mr Walter Lee, Partner of Gallant Y. T. Ho & Co. Solicitors & Notaries, have been invited to participate in the development and assessment of the courses in the programme.

Programme objectives

On completion of the programme, students are expected to have acquired an understanding of:

  • the general principles of Chinese civil law
  • current issues related to contract law; laws related to various forms of enterprises; intellectual property protection; laws of banking and finance; laws against unfair trading/unfair competition and related to the protection of consumers' interests; tax law; and foreign trade law;
  • international business law and its impact on China, including topics such as the legal regimes governing international trade; international finance and investment law; international economic organizations; and the implications of China's accession to the WTO;
  • the comparative study of business law with business law in China, covering topics related to legal systems, contract law, sale of goods, laws for various business organizations, tort, intellectual property protection, trusts, real property transactions, and settlement of commercial disputes; and theories and practical knowledge relevant to contemporary business and management, constitutional law, economic law, administrative law, and the legal framework for settlement of commercial disputes in China.

E-learning mode

The Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law programme will be delivered online in the new e-learning mode. In this mode, students can read the course materials online, so they can study at their own pace and according to their own schedules. In addition, through the University's Online Learning Environment (OLE), students can learn through real-time online lectures and take part in discussion forums and video conferencing, which let them enjoy the direct interaction typical of face-to-face study. This approach makes learning more interesting and facilitates communication between teachers and learners.
Each course includes the following:

  • online course materials
  • online reference readings
  • multimedia learning materials
  • animated and interactive learning activities
  • real-time online lectures
  • real-time online tutorials
  • video-taped lectures/seminars
  • tutor assistance

In addition, the following support will be provided to students:

  • communication with tutors by email
  • access to the OLE, where online learning and communication take place, and where students can submit assignments and obtain feedback from tutors electronically
  • access to the Electronic Library (E-Library) round-the-clock
  • access to a repository of course and programme reference materials to

Duration of study

According with The OUHK, for the Master wiil be adopted a credit system with courses starting in April or October every year. A five-credit course lasts for about six months.

How to enroll

You can enroll directly on the Internet site through the: Administrative Secretariat filling in the specific online form and paying the relative fees by credit card or bank transfer. The online administrative form manages all administration activities related to the student’s career. The Secretariat will acknowledge enrolment sending an e-mail including matriculation number, User ID and Password.


The cost of each individual (5 credits) course is of HK$7,100** corresponding to 706 euro* approx.
The cost of the complete Pathway B Master  (8 basic courses of  40 credits) is of HK$56.800 corresponding to 5.650 euro* approx.
The cost of the complete Pathway A Master (8 basic courses of 40 credits and 4 optional courses of 20 credits) is of HK$85.200 corresponding to 8.480 euro* approx.
** Hong Kong dollars
* Based on daily exchange rate