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University student mothers

Have you recently had a baby? Do you want to look after him and not give up the pleasure of motherhood? Is one of your dreams to earn a degree? Thanks to UNINETTUNO’s model, with no limits of space and time, anywhere you are, you can achieve your dream, since bringing together study times and family is possible.

For a student mother with a little child or a baby it is very hard – or event impossible – to follow the lessons, prepare and take the exams. This is the reason why, more and more often, university student mothers are forced to give up their study path and abandon their dream of getting a degree and make a career.

UNINETTUNO can meet your demands: even without leaving home, you, as mother, can start or continue your study path according to the times and modes that best suit you: actually, at any time, you can follow digitized video lessons, consult the related educational materials, watch again the virtual classrooms, interact with the professor-tutor via chat or via e-mail and discuss with your colleagues in a forum.

You only need to turn on your PC, smartphone or tablet and connect to the Didactic Cyberspace, the Internet-based learning environment that transfers directly to the student’s desktop lessons, multimedia products, databases, exercises, assessment and self-assessment systems, online tutoring, forums, chats, thematic wikis. So doing, your university career will not only be a secret wish, but an goal that can be achieved.

At UNINETTUNO, it is you, as a mother, that decide the times of your learning path based on your needs. You will never be left alone: the professor-tutor is always with you and constantly follows your learning processes.

Thanks to the new technologies, it will help you to overcome the difficulties, to prepare for the exams and write your final dissertation.

With UNINETTUNO, your dream comes true.


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