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The only distance teaching university wholly successfully assessed by ANVUR – ITALIAN NATIONAL AGENCY FOR THE EVALUATION OF UNIVERSITIES AND RESEARCH INSTITUTES.

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6 good reasons to join UNINETTUNO

Break down the barriers and manage your time

Your classroom is everywhere! No limit of space and time: with Uninettuno you can follow lessons whenever and wherever you want, anywhere in the world.

An innovative psycho-pedagogic model

25 years of research activitiess of the international team led by Prof. Maria Amata Garito. A model where the students and their needs are at the center!

Excellence on didactic

UNINETTUNO is the only distance teaching university assessed with full marks by ANVUR and ranked 3rd among the 19 universities.

Prestigious Italian and international professors

An excellent academic community consisted of the most prestigious professors from the most important universities in Italy and around the world.

An international network
114 Technological Poles across the world

Intelligences linked through the technological network of uninettunouniverity.net: the first platform in the world where students from over 165 countries are taught in 5 languages.

The present anticipates the future

Strongly focuses on international research projects and cultural integration and development projects.

Bachelor's, Master’s Programs and Master's Degree courses that bring you into the future
Choose your Faculty:

  • Economics
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Psychology
  • Communication Science

Our graduated students!

The successful experiences of UNINETTUNO graduated students

As so many peers I had to leave Italy for work reasons and give up my university studies, now I live in Dubai and with UNINETTUNO, despite of many commitments of mine and the distance, I am completing my studies and reach that important milestone in life –A Bachelor’s Degree.


When I was studiying the Computer Engineering program in Egypt, we studied the history of computer and their developments, we looked back how computers were built in the 60s and 70s. But since I have started studies with UNINETTUNO I learnt to foresee the future instead of going back to the past.


Study and work at the same time is not easy at all, but with UNINETTUNO I have realized that was easier than I thought. I was able to study even in different conditions and environments: during travels, at work break, in the evening before sleeping and also during Sunday lunch! An innovative method in step with the times!


One of the strongest advantages of this University is that it’s not a static university, but a dynamic and up-to-date university! All the process with UNINETTUNO, has allowed me to apply my learned professional skills to my career world.


36 months

Average duration of graduating from a bachelor program
(62-months is national average time, by LUISS)

51% of graduated students

Will enroll again in another UNINETTUNO program

36% of graduated students

Have improved on their professional careers after graduation

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