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UNINETTUNO presentation meetings

Dear Student,

In order to illustrate you the technologies and teaching models of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, the University decided to organize a cycle of presentation meetings of the model of course delivery, of the interaction tools of the portal, tutoring models and, therefore, the way in which you will develop your learning process on the Didactic Cyberspace of UNINETTUNO’s portal.

The meetings will be held in Virtual Classroom – web-based videoconferencing system during which you will be able to meeting UNINETTUNO professors and web experts in audio/video direct connection.

Themes of the meetings

The presentation meetings, lasting about one hour, will deal with the following themes:

  • Presentation of the technological model of course delivery: learning support tools, educational materials, interaction and online tutoring tools, Student’s Page.
  • Presentation of the Study Courses, Educational Objectives, Learning Path, examples of specific courses.  


Researchers / Tutors


Engineering Faculty

Dr. Clemente Cesarano
Dr. Livio Conti
Dr. Claudio Fornaro
Dr. Emanuel Weitschek
Dr. Dario Assante

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Engineering Faculty

Dr. Gerardo Cennamo
Dr. Clemente Cesarano
Dr. Livio Conti
Dr. Luca Placidi

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Economics Faculty

Dr. Linda Meleo
Dr. Alberto Romolini

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Cultural Heritage and Communication Sciences Faculties

Dr. David Gargani
Luca Girella

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Psychology Faculty

Marinella Paciello
Luciano Di Mele
Francesca D’Errico

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Law Faculty

Roberta Colaiori
Francesca Maschio
Piervincenzo Pacileo

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Certified mail


Student Secretariat

tel: +39 06 692076.70
tel: +39 06 692076.71
e-mail: info@uninettunouniversity.net


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