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Il progetto UNINETTUNO+

UNINETTUNO+ is a new project of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO aimed at young people under 24 who decide to enroll in a three-year (bachelor's) degree program in Computer Engineering or Business Administration and Management and who intend to carry out a study period abroad on the campus of one of UNINETTUNO's partner universities among the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, South America and other countries.

UNINETTUNO+ involves the completion of a study abroad period of a minimum of six months to one year during which the student will follow a program with face-to-face classes on the campus of the partner university. Successfully completed exams will then be recognized within their UNINETTUNO study program.

The student will thus have a human and study experience on a campus of selected international universities, and will continue to enjoy the benefits of flexible and innovative study with UNINETTUNO

The UNINETTUNO+ project

Through the innovative UNINETTUNO+ project, students who apply:

  • Will study online on UNINETTUNO's e-learning platform until they graduate;
  • They will complete a study abroad period on a campus of the partner universities living a unique human and academic experience;
  • They will obtain educational credits from the partner university, which will be valid for obtaining a three-year (bachelor's) degree from UNINETTUNO;
  • They will be supported to obtain a residence permit for study purposes in the host country;
  • They will be able to participate in internship, placement or volunteer experiences in the host country.

Strengths of the project:

  • flexibility of distance study through UNINETTUNO's platform and psycho-pedagogical model, combined with a real-life experience on an international campus;
  • living an international study experience and feel like a citizen of the world;
  • opportunity to study in a foreign country with a study permit;
  • an Italian bachelor's degree and a degree from the partner university;
  • immediate recognition of the educational credits obtained during the on-campus study period.

In addition, students participating in the UNINETTUNO+ project will be able to consolidate their curriculum with a certificate from a foreign university in addition to an Italian degree, and experience abroad in the strategic fields of Economics, Business Management and Information Technology.

UNINETTUNO will sign individual academic agreements with partner universities in the rest of the world in order to recognize the educational credits obtained during the study abroad period.

How It Works

Due to the presence and recognition of UNINETTUNO in the world, individual academic agreements were signed with partner universities in the rest of the world in order to recognize the educational credits obtained during the study abroad period.
These agreements also include the curricula of the two universities in order to find the coincidence of topics, objectives, study load and course area for automatic recognition of exams.
They also make it possible to harmonize curricula with partners and give the possibility of recognizing credits obtained on campus for the purpose of obtaining a three-year (bachelor's) degree.

Mode of Study

Online study period:

  • Online teaching through UNINETTUNO's platform and psycho-pedagogical model;
  • Flexibility in study.

On-campus study period:

  • Scheduling of activities and courses according to the campus schedule;
  • Use of all campus facilities;
  • Enjoying all the services that an international university campus can offer.

How to participate in the UNINETTUNO+ Project

The admission process for three-year (bachelor's) degree programs remains the same: all students with an Italian high school diploma, or equivalent, will be eligible.
Then, to participate in the UNINETTUNO+ project, the following will also be positively evaluated:

  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Letter of personal motivation
Il progetto UNINETTUNO+

Partner Universities

The partner universities of the UNINETTUNO+ Project are listed below with the main useful information.

The cost of study abroad varies according to the type of institution, services offered and geographical area. These costs are the responsibility of the student and are to be paid directly to the partner university.

For information on costs and to arrange an orientation session, you can write to:

The list of partner universities is constantly being updated.

Institution’s Name




Support for VISA

College of the Canyons

Higher education institution (College)

California – USA

Homestay accommodation, or apartment rental


Bar-Ilan University


Tel Aviv - Israel

At the campus


Monroe College

Higher education institution (College)

New York - USA

At the campus


Griffith College

Higher education institution (College)

Dublin – Ireland

At the campus


University of North Alabama


Alabama – USA

At the campus, or outside


University of Sunderland


Sunderland – UK