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EU Lobby

EU Lobby

The e-Learning modules prepare you
To the Study Visits to Brussels where you will able to meet
The most influential lobbyists in the EU’s framework


The Course, lasting three weeks, trains graduates and professionals to work in the field of institutional relations, lobbying and policy affairs, at European Union level

Program (10 ECTS credits):

3 training modules, delivered online on UNINETTUNO platform, structures as follows:
Module 1: “The legal and regulatory system of the European Union”
Module 2: “Practice”. Understanding how to create consent and influence the choices and decisions of the Institutions
Module 3: “The Tools”. Learning about the lobbyist’s intervention modes and strategies.

Study Visit: the last week envisages three days in Brussels for all the participants with 5 sessions of institutional meetings.

Project Work: the students will be asked to develop a project work that will be assessed in the final internship.

Internship in Brussels: the Study Visit in Brussels ends with a final interview. The two worthiest participants will receive an internship contract, lasting three months, with refund of any expenses, that will take place in Brussels.

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The cost of the course, including the compulsory pre-enrolment fee of € 500, is € 2.400.
The enrolment can be made by filling in an online form and paying the relative fees by credit card or bank transfer.
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