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International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, in partnership with Leeds United College, the Sheffield Football Club Foundation and 5ive Global, is delighted to present a range of innovative and ground-breaking degree courses for the football industry.

A full range of innovative, online and blended university degrees will be available from Bachelor to Doctoral levels through this new partnership. Areas of study will include finance, law, business, sports, marketing, data analytics, psychology, computer studies and engineering. Students can also work towards a Bachelor of Business in Business Management or Financial Management or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. There are MBA courses available as well, such as; Football CEO/Director, Football Intermediaries, Scouting Professionals and Football Industries.

Thanks to UNINETTUNO psyco-pedagogic model and the platform (born from the results achieved by 25 years of international research programs, and realized by our Rector, Prof. M. A. Garito and by her research team), available in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, Arabic, Greek), student will bring the university in the palm of the hand, where lectures can be accessed on-demand, in your own time and on your terms.

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Education Offer

Areas of study will include finance, law, business, sports, marketing, data analytics, psychology, computer studies and engineering at different level: from Bachelor degrees to Doctoral levels.

The education offer will be the following:

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Business Management (Football & Sports Industries) – in progress
  • Bachelor of Business in Financial Management (Football & Sports Industries) – in progress
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Football & Sports Industries) – in progress

Masters Degrees

  • Master in Football Agent - in progress
  • MBA – CEO in Football and Sports Organisations – in progress
  • MBA – Professional Football Scouting – in progress
  • MBA – Profession Football Intermediary (Agent) – in progress
  • MBA – Pioneer in Football Clubs – in progress
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Doctoral Degrees

DBA – Doctor of Business Administration in Football and Sports Industries – in progress

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The high-level staff of lectures, that will be part of this education offer targeted on the football factory, is composed by:

  • Professor Vincent English – Courses Director
  • Professor Flomny Menon
  • Professor Anthony Birch
  • Professor Mark Cashin
  • Professor Jason Palframan
  • Professor Ruth Forrest
  • Professor Moira O’Brien
  • Professor Padraig Sheeran

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