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Business, Labor and New Technologies Law

The Bachelor's Degree in Business, Labor and New Technologies Law offers students the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and specific expertise in the institutional and entrepreneurial legal field and to master appropriate methods and general and professional scientific knowledge related to legal issues. At the end of the study path, students will be able to deal with the development of professional activities related to the legal field in public institutions, independent administrative authorities, private companies, profit and non-profit organizations of various sectors, including in the social and services field. They will also be able to engage with the development of legal, management and highly specialized consultancy professional activities concerning the changes introduced by the digital, innovation revolution, and particular areas of intervention, such as 360-degree legal management of the legal business and safety on the work place.

In particular, the degree course in Business, Labor and New Technologies Law is divided into three different curricular paths: Law of the Digital Society; Workplace Safety Law; Business Legal Operator.

The degree course in Business, Labor and New Technologies Law has a three-year structure. The first year aims at providing basic juridical knowledge and skills, with a basic training in economics and business management. The following two years aim at ensuring specific competences in the different areas: highlighting the aspects that are most relevant to current legal institutions such as the protection of personal data, e-government, the digitalization of the P.A., industrial law applied to new technologies, the control of workers through remote tools, as well as criminal law in information technology; implementing the knowledge regarding safety at work, legal and occupational medicine, anti-discriminatory law, civil, criminal and administrative responsibility of safety subjects, as well as of companies.

Employment and professional opportunities envisaged for the graduates

The Degree Course in Business, Labor and New Technologies Law at the end of the three-year period intends to offer a high professional qualification to undertake careers and positions in legal consulting to its graduates. The possible professional opportunities, open to graduates in Law are: in-house legal expert or consultant in firms, companies offices, public bodies, non-profit organizations, international and supranational organizations, with specialization in international and European Union compliance, in the various business branches (administration and control, finance, marketing, organization, production and technology, etc.) and in different types of companies (private and public, profit and non-profit), but also to carry out consulting activities in the various areas of public and private digital society, experts in security and work and business management. The training acquired will also allow graduates to continue their studies, following master courses or enrolling in master's degrees, immediately or even after a period of work, according to the logic of continuous learning by now well established at a European institutional and social level.

Three-Year Degree Course

Corporate Law, Labor and New Technologies

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