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Business management and digital technologies

Course specific training objectives

The second-cycle (master level) degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies is mainly aimed at training a professional profile able to effectively and efficiently meet the multiple changes introduced by the digital revolution which is linked to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in various business fields such as industry, services and public administration (PA).
The graduate in Business Management and Digital Technologies must to be able to manage the changes introduced in the organizational patterns of businesses and in PA, also brought about by ICTs and identify areas for process and product innovation jointly with other technical experts. Additionally, these graduates must be able to develop new products, services and solutions linked to the ICTs, identify new business opportunities, formulate innovative marketing strategies, promote new marketing channels and, more widely speaking, new sales strategies. Finally, the graduate in Business Management and Digital Technologies must be capable of interpreting the market structure of which ICTs are part and know the relative main regulatory issues.
In brief, the second-cycle degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies develops a highly-qualified professional profile having also high-level managerial and technological skills, deeply aware of the economic-legal implications of the innovative aspects of the ICTs, consequently able to work in highly competitive environments where ICTs are a strategic factor in terms competitiveness.
The second-level degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies lasts two years. In the first year specializing skills regarding theoretical models related to innovation economics, business management, paying particular attention to ICTs, marketing strategies and of application of e-commerce models aimed at promotional and communication, as well as juridical bases connected to the relationship between digital technologies and labor laws are supplied. In addition, in order to complete the skills framework the second-cycle graduate must possess to be able to hold executive positions also in businesses operating in the global markets international accounting skills are supplied.
Finally, the skills of the first year are fully achieved by acquiring knowledge linked to information processing systems, also from approaches of statistical nature and to the use of digital technologies in business management.
During the second year, courses aimed at further enhancing the skills needed to manage innovative businesses also with reference to the public sphere and to the e-government applications with a special focus again on new technologies and on the regulatory review of the fields involved in digital revolutions, TLC in the first place. The training path ends with deepening the most advanced Web-based technologies.

Expected learning results

Knowledge and understanding

The modules included into the business section complete the knowledge and understanding skills developed in the three-year degree course in Economics and Business Management as it regards business management, organization and accounting. In particular, the student will be able to propose changes and modifications as well as innovative solutions linked to digital technologies as it regards business management strategies, accounting, stock management, organizational patterns, external relations, raw materials supply management, distribution and sales channels, marketing techniques and new communication media and all this with regard to the private as well as public sector.

Applying knowledge and understanding

The student that will have completed his second-cycle degree course in Business Management and Digital Technologies can effectively take care of the automatized management of company data, of mobile and social e-commerce techniques, that is use computer technologies for online promotion and marketing of products and services, of supply chain management (integrated management of order, shipment, invoicing, payment cycle based on digital technologies), of digital production that is the adoption of advanced digital technologies supporting the business production processes, of smart logistics, namely the adoption of digital technologies for stock management,


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