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Management Engineering (Academic Year 2020/2021) - Production path



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Lesson n.1: Basic computer architecture
Lesson n.2: Data representation - Introduction to computer and programming (part I)
n. 2.1 -
Assignment1   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.3: Data representation - Introduction to computer and programming (part II)
Lesson n.4: Basic arithmetic
n. 4.1 -
Assignment2   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.5: Boolean algebra
n. 5.1 -
Assignment3   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.6: Computer architecture
n. 6.1 -
Assignment4   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.7: From hardware to software
Lesson n.8: Introduction to programming
Lesson n.9: Elementary problem solving (parte I)
Lesson n.10: Elementary problem solving (parte II)
n. 10.1 -
Assignment5   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.11: Programming languages & starting example
Lesson n.12: Program structure
Lesson n.13: Input/Output (Part I)
Lesson n.14: Input/Output (Part II)
Lesson n.15: Input/Output (Part III)
Lesson n.16: Conditional statements (part I)
n. 16.1 -
Assignment6   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.17: Conditional statements (part II)Iterative Statements (part I)
Lesson n.18: Iterative Statements (part II)
n. 18.1 -
Assignment7   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.19: Iterative Statements (part III)- Arrays (part I)
Lesson n.20: Arrays (part II)
Lesson n.21: Arrays (part III) Sorting algorithms (part I)
n. 21.1 -
Assignment8   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.22: Sorting algorithms (part II)
Lesson n.23: Functions (Part I)
n. 23.1 -
Assignment9   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.24: Functions (Part II) Pointers (Part I)
n. 24.1 -
Assignment10   (A.Y. 2006-2007)
Lesson n.25: Pointers (Part II)
Lesson n.26: Files
n. 26.1 -
Exercises on files   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.27: Pointers I
Lesson n.28: Pointers II
n. 28.1 -
Exercises on pointers   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.29: Strings
n. 29.1 -
Exercises on strings   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.30: Structures
n. 30.1 -
Exercises on structs   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.31: Sorting I
Lesson n.32: Sorting II
Lesson n.33: Sorting III
n. 33.1 -
Exercises on sorting   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.34: Searching
Lesson n.35: 2d Arrays
Lesson n.36: Stacks I
Lesson n.37: Stacks II
n. 37.1 -
Exercises on stacks   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.38: Queues I
Lesson n.39: Queues II
Lesson n.40: Queues III
n. 40.1 -
Exercises on queues   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.41: Linked Lists I
Lesson n.42: Linked Lists II
Lesson n.43: Linked Lists III
n. 43.1 -
Exercises on lists   (A.Y. 2009/2010)
Lesson n.44: Stacks and Queues: Linked lists implementation I
Lesson n.45: Stacks and Queues: Linked lists implementation II