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Information and communication technologies engineering (Academic Year 2019/2020) - Computer Engineering

Software engineering and object oriented programming


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Lesson n.1: Introduction
Lesson n.2: The Java programming language
n. 2.1 -
Exercise on Basics   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.3: The Java Objects and classes
n. 3.1 -
Exercise on arrays and references   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.4: Objects and classes II
n. 4.1 -
Exercise on static and dynamic types   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.5: Inheritance and polymorphism
n. 5.1 -
Exercise on inheritance   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
n. 5.2 -
Exercise on polymorfism and overloading   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
n. 5.3 -
Exercise on overloading and interfaces   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.6: The Java Class Hierarchy
Lesson n.7: Unified Modeling Language
Lesson n.8: Exception handling
Lesson n.9: Data collections
Lesson n.10: Collections in practice
n. 10.1 -
Exercise on HashSet   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
n. 10.2 -
Exercise on Map   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.11: Files and file systems
Lesson n.12: Low level binary IO
Lesson n.13: Data IO in practice
Lesson n.14: Graphical user interfaces
Lesson n.15: User interaction
Lesson n.16: Event handling
Lesson n.17: 2D Graphics
Lesson n.18: Architectural patterns
Lesson n.19: Structured Data IO
Lesson n.20: GUI in practice
Lesson n.21: Concurrent programming
Lesson n.22: Synchronization
Lesson n.23: Concurrent programming techniques
Lesson n.24: High level synchronizers
Lesson n.25: Concurrency in practice
Lesson n.26: Introduction
Lesson n.27: The software process
Lesson n.28: Requirement engineering I
Lesson n.29: Requirement engineering II
Lesson n.30: Requirement engineering III
Lesson n.31: Requirement engineering IV
Lesson n.32: Requirement engineering V
Lesson n.33: ArchiDesign I
Lesson n.34: ArchiDesign II
Lesson n.35: ArchiDesign III
Lesson n.36: ArchiDesign IV
Lesson n.37: ArchiDesign V
Lesson n.38: ArchiDesign VI
Lesson n.39: Verification and validation
Lesson n.40: Verification and validation Black box
n. 40.1 -
Exercises on Black Box Tests   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.41: Unit test – White box
n. 41.1 -
Exercises on White Box Tests   (A.Y. 2012/2013)
Lesson n.42: Verification and validation Integration
Lesson n.43: Static techniques for verification and validation
Lesson n.44: System test
Lesson n.45: Configuration management
Lesson n.46: PM - I
Lesson n.47: PM - II
Lesson n.48: PM - III
Lesson n.49: Software process I
Lesson n.50: Software process II


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