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Management Engineering (Academic Year 2020/2021) - Economics path

Technical english

Credits: 3
Language: English
Course description

Technical English  deals with a set of 15 lessons, carrying out a program of English language from level A1 to level B1. An essential part of teaching is pointed on the acquisition of a technical terminology, provided by an additional study material. Interactive classes, moreover, live with teacher, and subsequently usable as registered, represent a useful moment of deepening.


Basic level linguistic-communicative competence (A1 of the CEFR).


The course aims to develop the four skills of reading, listening, writing, speaking, relating to contexts of general use of the English language, and to acquire the essential reference terminology of Technical English


The course is structured in 15 lessons, which carry out the study program on a morphosyntactic, lexical and terminological point of view, from level A1 to B1. At the same time, through interactive classes, it is possible to participate in moment of exchange and share where it is possible to review and evaluate one’s own acquisitions. Additional material such as articles, bibliography, sitography, slides, topics is also provided


Are divided into two parts:

1. with regard to the morphosyntactic study of the language, a text in English:

R. Murphy English Grammar in Use for intermediate students with answers, Cambridge University Press;

Texts or manuals, however, carrying out a course of English language from level A1 to B1 can be adopted, according to one’s own personal choice

2. with regard to the essential terminology of Business English,

a Glossary, inserted as didactic material in the Portal, dealing with the necessary lexical and terminological notions on Technical English


Exercises are intended as a progressive application and evolution of learning, and consist of multiple choice tests, revision tests and preparatory tests aimed at the examination pass

Michaela Lucrezia Squiccimarro
List of lessons
    •  Lesson n. 5: Il futuro 


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