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Civil environmental engineering (Academic Year 2019/2020) - Structures and Infrastructures

Roads and transport infrastructures

Credits: 9
Language: English
Course description
The course aims to provide students with Civil and Environmental Engineers, the basics for the design of road infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to provide information for the understanding and the drafting of a basic road project, starting from the foundation behind each design determination, always linking to the content of existing road design standards.
Knowledge of basic scientific subjects (Mathematics, physics), building science and technical drafting.
The educational aims of this course are the understanding of the problems encountered during road infrastructure design and the close interaction with other disciplines to provide the engineering students a complete overview of professional design activities.
Dynamics of vehicle and its safety; design of road alignment (horizontal and vertical), safety criteria; details of road engineering construction
Fondamenti di infrastrutture viarie (1) La geometria stradale, Esposito Tommaso, Mauro Raffaele, Editore Hevelius, 2003 (in Italian)
Basic design applications according to technical standards
Bernardino Chiaia
List of lessons
    •  Lesson n. 1: Costruzione strade infr. - Materiale relativo a tutto il corso


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