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MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Signal Theory

Language: English
Course description
The course provides the fundamental methodologies for the analysis and processing of both deterministic and stochastic signals.
Basic knowledge of linear algebra, real and complex analysis, probability and statistics.
  • Introduction.
    • Introduction
    • Signal classification
    • Basic definitions
  • Continuous-time deterministic signals and systems
    • Fourier analysis:
      • Fourier Series and properties
      • Continuous-time Fourier Transform and properties
    • Linear and time-invariant continuous-time systems:
      • Definitions and properties
      • The concept of continuous-time convolution
      • Impulse response and transfer function
      • Stability
  • Continuous-time random processes
    • Introduction and overview on random variables
    • Statistical characterization:
      • Probability density functions
      • Ensemble averages
      • Mean value, standard deviation, variance and autocorrelation
    • Wide sense stationary and cyclostationary processes
    • Linear filtering of random processes
    • Power spectral density
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