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MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

CBVE - Master Class on Entrepreneurship

Language: English
Course description
Within the domain of business administration, the Master Class intends to offer a set of practical-operational knowledge related to the birth and development of the new entrepreneurship initiative and the modes of analysis and understanding of the its success potentials.
The Master Class does not envisages any specific prerequisites, even if the student who already learnt something about Business Economy can take advantage of the course technical-practical notions in a faster and more effective way.
The objective of the Master Class is to offer a range of technical-practical information to people having other skills apart from the economic ones that are functional to the study and analysis of the new entrepreneurship initiative. At the end of the training path the student will be able to understand if his/her business idea has all the essential elements for a successful development; in addition, he/she will be able to resume, in their main specific elements, this same idea in an information memorandum to the various target people to be involved in the development of the initiative: including suppliers , customers, banks and investors.
From a theoretical viewpoint the Master Class involves all the technical-scientific elements of Business Economy, Marketing, Industrial Accounting, Organisation of Strategic Planning, Ordinary and Extra-ordinary Finance and Product-Process Engineering.
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Video professors
Prof. Zubin Sethna - University of Westminster (London - United Kingdom)
Prof. Guido Preparata - University of Washington (2000 - 2008) (Seattle - USA - WA)
List of lessons
Zubin Sethna
Zubin Sethna
Zubin Sethna
Guido Preparata
Zubin Sethna
Guido Preparata
Guido Preparata
Guido Preparata
Zubin Sethna
Guido Preparata


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