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Electronic Measurements

Language: English
Course description
Fundamentals of the modern measurement science and uncertainty theory. Basic principles of the electrical instruments and their correct management. Measurement methods of the main electrical quantities. Modern measurement systems based on programmable instrumentation and PC-based data acquisition.
Basic circuit theory, fundamentals of electronic devices, basics of probability.
Understand the meaning of a measure and it’s uncertainty. Know the main features of analog and digital measurement devices. Acquire knowledge on the programmable instruments.
Fundamental of measurement theory
Direct and indirect measurements
Measurement uncertainty and uncertainty sources
SI International System and measurement standards
Analog Oscilloscope
Instruments and measurement methods of currents and voltages
Digital voltmeters
Digital oscilloscope
Signal generators and synthesizers
Instruments for frequency and time interval measurements
Programmable instrumentation and IEEE 488 standard interface
PC-based instrumentation and software packages for data acquisition.
Klaas B. Klaassen, Steve Gee, Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation, Nov 2003, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521477298
Professor not available
Video professors
Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani - Università di Napoli "Federico II" (Napoli - Italia)
Prof. Michele Vadursi - Università degli studi di Napoli "Parthenope" (Napoli - Italy)
List of lessons
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
    •  Lesson n. 10: AC voltmeters 
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
Michele Vadursi
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani
Leopoldo Angrisani


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