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MOOC Massive Open Online Courses (Academic Year 2018/2019)

Basic circuit theory

Credits: 9
Language: English
Course description
It a classic basic engineering course, common to different engineering course degrees, and regards at basic level the electric circuits, with nods to the main engineering applications. Despite this, it provides references to the main electromagnetic phenomena.
Calculus I, Calculus II, Physics.
The course will provide students with the classical methodologies for the analysis of linear electrical networks: a) continous steady-state b) sinusoidal steady-state, c) dynamics. The description of the circuit model with its property and the presentation of the main methods of analysis are proposed to be targets of such training and communication.
1. Basic quantities and components
Circuit variables and components. Fundamentals of circuit analysis.
2. Circuit’s laws, properties and theorems
Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws. Circuit theorems: source transforation, Thevenin, Norton, maximum power transfer, superposition.
3. Continous steady-state analysis
Resistive circuits. Steady-state equation analysis. Node voltage and mesh current methods.
4. Transient analysis
Transient analysis. Natural responses of RL and RC circutis. Step responses of RL and RC circutis.
5. Sinusoidal steady-state analysis
Sinusoidal sources. Phasors. Kirchhoff's laws in the phasor domain. Sinusoidal steady-state circuit analysis techniques. Complex power.
6. In-dept theory
Circuits' properties. N-ports. Power in circuits. Resonance. Transients.
“Basic Circuit Theory”, Uninettuno University Press - McGraw-Hill, 2013 (available on the Uninettuno University Press bookstore).
Le esercitazioni consistono nell’analisi di circuiti lineari di tipo resistivo, dinamico ed in regime sinusoidale. Per superare l’esame è prerequisito fondamentale saper risolvere autonomamente esercizi dello stesso genere di quelli proposti nel corso e nelle erogazioni.
Professor not available
Video professors
Prof. Luciano De Menna - Università di Napoli "Federico II" (Napoli - Italia)
Prof. Kamel Al Tallaq - Yarmouk University (Irbid City - Jordan)
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