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English Language - A1/A2 - new edition

Credits: 6
Language: English
Course description
The course aims to develop reading, listening, writing, and speakingskills in the English language. Students will be able to use the language fluently in the private, public and work environment to communicate in an effective way. Therefore, they will acquire the knowledge of both general language and technical jargon. The course is structured in modules. Students have a plurality of resources at their disposal to prepare appropriately: the online platform Capturator, reference texts for individual study, as well as materials designed by the tutor to help students meet their learning goals and relevant to their specialization area. All the teaching materialsaredesigned following the communicative approach principles of language acquisition.
Basic knowledge of the main structures and lexicon of the English language (A2 level of CEFR).
Students will acquire fluency in the English language at an upper-intermediate level (B2 level of CEFR) as well as the technical jargon relevant to their field of study. Students will be able to communicate effectively in the private, public and work environment using English as their vehicular language.
Grammar notions as indicated by the CEFR (B2 level), relevant text types and lexical co-occurrences.
Libri di testo: Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use with answers Upper-Intermediate, Cambridge U.P. Articoli: Why economic matters Business Correspondence Verbi irregolari Ulteriori testi e articoli saranno indicati dal tutor nel corso dell’erogazione.
Michaela Lucrezia Squiccimarro
List of lessons
    •  Lesson n. 1: A1 - Modulo - I
    •  Lesson n. 2: A1 - Modulo - II
    •  Lesson n. 3: A1 - Modulo - III
    •  Lesson n. 4: A1 - Modulo - IV
    •  Lesson n. 5: A1 - Modulo - V
    •  Lesson n. 6: A1 - Modulo - VI
    •  Lesson n. 7: A1 - Modulo - VII
    •  Lesson n. 8: A1 - Modulo - VIII
    •  Lesson n. 9: A1 - Modulo - IX
    •  Lesson n. 10: A1 - Modulo - X
    •  Lesson n. 11: A2 - Modulo - I
    •  Lesson n. 12: A2 - Modulo - II
    •  Lesson n. 13: A2 -Modulo - III
    •  Lesson n. 14: A2 -Modulo - IV
    •  Lesson n. 15: A2 -Modulo - V
    •  Lesson n. 16: A2 -Modulo - VI
    •  Lesson n. 17: A2 -Modulo - VII
    •  Lesson n. 18: A2 -Modulo - VIII
    •  Lesson n. 19: A2 -Modulo - IX
    •  Lesson n. 20: A2 -Modulo - X


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