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Civil environmental engineering (Academic Year 2020/2021) - Structures and Infrastructures

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Welcome to the Video Library of the module Static and Dynamics of mechanical systems
The Video Library contains the lessons taught by the professor, namely the digitalized video lessons and their relative slides.
The use of the digitalized video lessons allows the student to activate learning processes of a symbolic and reconstructive kind. These are linked to a Classical linear approach to teaching. In addition, the modular layout of the contents, the indexing of topics together with bookmarks help the student to develop a hypertextual and multimedia approach to the learning process. This results in improved metacognitive strategies that favour a more personalized learning path. Each video lesson is created with predefined indexing system that allows the professor to structure the programme according to the topics presented, and then point out the tools that can allow the student to study diverse topics in an in-depth fashion. Thus the video lesson is conceptualized as a hypertextual itinerary.
During the Learning Process the bookmarks allow the student to connect various topics presented in the video lesson to learning materials that are found in the Media Library. In this way, the student can find contextual study resources in the form of books, articles, CD-ROMs, bibliographic references, site link references, exercises and virtual laboratories. These give the student the opportunity to integrate practical and theoretical study methods in a Learning Process known as learning by doing.

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