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Training Course for journalists in Global Journalism

Master in Global Journalism


  • Introduction to global journalism
  • Inside journalism. Journalism and globalization
  • Inside journalism. Journalism of the unknown
  • Italian journalism and foreign journalism
  • Journalism in the United States
  • Journalism in France
  • Keeping the press free. The experience of the United Kingdom
  • Structure and management communication means in Spain
  • Journalism in Germany. Differences and Similarities with Italy
  • Journalism in Russia
  • Journalism in the Netherlands
  • The beauty of Italy. The “Belpaese” seen by foreign press correspondents

Teaching method

The delivery of thisw Master's Course in Global Journalism relies on UNINETTUNO's teaching model. The teaching actrivities are carried on in the internet, in an especially devoted area called the Cyberspace of the portal on www.uninettunouniversity.net. In the Cyberspace you can find all videolessons that were digitized and indexed through bookmarks allowing for an hypertextual and multimedia connection to texts, exercises and selected lists of websites. Along their training path enrolled students are supported by the Teacher and tutors by means of interaction tools such as chats, forums and virtual classrooms. All training activities are traced by UNINETTUNO learning platform.
The resuls of the tracing will allow to be awarded an attendance certificate.

Docenti del Master in Global Journalism




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