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Second-Cycle (Master-Level) Degree Course in Cognitive Processes and Technologies

The second-cycle (master-level) degree course in Cognitive Processes and Technologies, structured according to the different paths, is aimed at the acquisition of advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of psychology by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind-brain system, of the man-machine interaction and human interactions within the new social settings.
The perspective being adopted is based on an interdisciplinary approach mainly relying on online and multimedia teaching, which integrates socio-cognitive and clinical approaches with technologies in order to allow for a better understanding of human action.
In particular, the skills of analysis and co-design acquired during the study path may be used, especially, in the field of education, communication, and in the clinical one: in the interventions that envisage the use of technology in educational contexts aimed at developing skills and knowledge, in the communicational contexts aimed at the promotion and exchange security in the Web, and in clinical contexts aimed at the promotion of well-being and reduction of psychopathological risk in different stages of life.
The course supplies skills required to deal, in a productive way and by adopting problem-solving perspective, with the following applicative contexts and more specifically:  

  • The capacity to conduct basic and applied research work in full autonomy in the field of cognitive processes and their applications to technologies;
  • The capacity to design models and interventions aimed at re-organizing the interfaces between man and complex systems taking into account the cognitive processes.

In particular the skills for analyzing and co-designing, acquired during the training path in the psychology of cognitive processes and technologies, can be used, above all, in educational, communicational and clinical fields, namely: interventions envisaging the use of technologies in educational contexts aimed at developing competences and knowledge; in communicational contexts aimed at promoting safe interactions on the Web; and in clinical contexts aimed at promoting well-being and reducing psychopathologic risks in the various phases of life.

The specific objectives of the course are related to three basic areas of expertise of a psychologist and structured according to three different paths:

  1. Cyberpsicologia;
  2. Neuroscienze.
  3. Clinical Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence

Second-Cycle (Master-Level) Degree Course in Cognitive Processes and Technologies

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