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Three-Year Degree Course in Psychosocial Disciplines

The three-year degree course in Psychosocial Disciplines aims at training a graduate who is able to combine the scientific knowledge originating from the psychological research and cognitive neurosciences with the knowledge deriving from the humanistic heritage of humanities and education sciences, without neglecting the acquisition of technical professional tools that are indispensable for successful workforce entry.

In this regard, it is necessary to take into account that the graduates of this class will carry out professional activities in different areas, such as psychosocial and ergonomic areas, psychometric evaluation, human resource management, training and health care and promotion, in private and public organizations, in enterprises and non- profit organizations.

For this reason, the curriculum of the degree course includes activities aimed at acquiring theoretical foundations and appropriate operational elements of general, social and developmental psychology; survey methodologies; statistical methods and procedures for data processing; psycho-physiological behavioral mechanisms; dynamics of human relations. The curriculum envisages the courses aimed at giving a sufficient insight into  the psychological and cognitive disciplines in the framework of the natural and human sciences.

Three-Year (Master-Level) Degree Course in Psychosocial Disciplines

Psychosocial Disciplines

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