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Specialization and Retraining Course in “Application of the New Communication Languages in Didactics”

Proposed contents

  • Psychological and Pedagogic Theories on Developmental Processes
  • Theoretical Outlines of Cognitive Psychology and Communication Psychology
  • Theoretical Outlines of General Pedagogy and Social Pedagogy
  • Theoretical Outlines of General Didactics
  • Theories and Methods of School Programming and Assessment
  • Theoretical Outlines of Basic Computer Science
  • Tools of Web-based Communication in Didactics
  • Learning and Multimediality
  • The New Digital Languages as Tools for Enriching the Learning Experience


The choice of these contents for the Specialization and Retraining Course in “Application of the New Communication Languages in Teaching Methods” is directly connected to the aim of training professional profiles capable of working with the media, with the new technologies and new communication languages in the school.
Since a fair and effective use of information technology in an educational context is not aimed at eliminating traditional teaching, but to its integration (allowing learners to learn and manage critically the huge mass of information offered by the continuously evolving new technologies), these professional profiles are in a position to analyze the educational context, to read the problem from a multidisciplinary and multimedia perspective in order to design an educational provision customized based on the possible needs of each single user. In support of the new technologies there is also the constructivist approach that assigns to the learner a primary role in his own learning process and considers knowledge as a product that is created and not as an object that must be uniquely transferred to the one that has to learn it.

Admission Requirements

The Course is aimed at high school graduates and at those holding a university degree in all the disciplines of the new and previous regulations, with a specific reference to those who have already included into their study course subject linked to the above-mentioned course or who have earned qualification linked to the Educational Sciences, Psychology and Computer Science.
The main targets are the teachers of all orders and degrees.

Competition Classes to which the Course refers
A/17 Philosophy and Humanities (ex 36/A Philosophy, Psychology and Educational Sciences);
A/18 (ex 37/A Philosophy and History);
A/37 Technological and Computer Sciences (ex 42/A Computer Sciences).

All competition classes

SECONDARY SCHOOL – Artistic-Musical Area
A004; A007; A021; A022; A024; A025; A028; A031; A032; TABELLA D.
A245; A246; A345; A346; A445; A446; A545; A546; A645; A646.

SECONDARY SCHOOL – Psycho-motor Area
A029; A030.

SECONDARY SCHOOL  – Scientific Area
A013; A038; A039; A040; A047; A048; A049; A059; A060.

A016, A018, A020, A033, A034
A035, A042, A056, A057, A058
A072, A075, A076, C050, C110
C260, C270, C280, C290, C300
C500, C510, C520

SECONDARY SCHOOL – Juridical-Economic Area
A017; A019.

SECONDARY SCHOOL – Humanities Area
A036; A037; A043; A050; A051; A052; A061.

Acknowledged Credits

The educational activity amounts to 60 credits on the overall.

Clarification: the attendance to the above-mentioned course entitles to three points that are valuable to be included into the permanent ranking.

Enrolment Fees

The Course enrollment fees amounts to 1,200€. It is possible to enroll for one or more modules of which the course is composed, at a cost of 450€ for each selected module.

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