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2/2/2018 The CSES satellite in orbit to monitor earthquakes from space. A Chinese-Italian mission with the contribution of the researcher of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

On February the 2nd, at 8:51 am (Italian time), from the Chinese base of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, in the Gobi Desert (inner Mongolia), the CSES satellite (China Seismic-Electromagnetic Satellite), outcome of a cooperation between the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), will be launched. The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, which gave its contribution to all project phases,  played an essential role: design of the equipment, procurements for building the sensors to the development of the software package for analyzing the collected data.  

1/16/2018 Launching of the FIEST - International Training for Tv Series Writing - Project

Eight partners, 6 European countries and a single objective: train new generations of students of the Mediterranean Region in TV series writing in order to introduce talents and professionals capable of innovating and diversifying the creative products of this developing industry into the job market.

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