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Schedule of the Study Corse, of the Exams and Final Exam Sessions (Theses Discussions)

The training organization of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is characterized by a permanent possibility of accessing multimedia materials for individual study comprised in each one of the disciplines of a Study Course. Actually, each discipline includes lectures delivered by the Professors authors of the contents; the lectures produced in such a way supply the students with some of the classic features existing in traditional educational institutions (i.e., the lecture delivered by a professor) and, in addition, they are indexed and linked, in an hypertextual and multimedia way, to exam texts, more-in-depth study sheets, essays, articles, selections of Internet sites and selection of bibliographies linked to the issues treated in the lessons included into the course, exercises and, for the modules for which they have been developed, virtual laboratories.


All these contents represent the course training materials and are always available for the enrolled students who can access them at any time from a Pc as well as from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones).


In addition, during the course delivery periods, the students will be able to rely on a Professor and a Tutor who will follow their learning processes on an individual basis as well as organizing class-based activities. The Professor/Tutors plans the scheduled meetings and communicates them to the class through the Agenda tool; since the beginning of the academic year, for each module, a series of meetings are planned both face-to-face and at distance and more specifically:

  • On chat, on a weekly basis, in the chat-room devoted to the module, there are meetings, during which discussions among professor/tutor and student are made, dealing with issues scheduled for that specific week of delivery;
  • In the Virtual Classrooms, synchronic tutoring meetings take place through UNINETTUNO Web-based Virtual Classrooms , a Web-based videoconferencing system in which the Professor/Tutor interacts live in audio/video connection with the students as well as through the Virtual Classrooms on UNINETTUNO Island of Knowledge on Second Life, devoted environments in which students and teachers interact in multi-audio-conferencing and through their avatars in UNINETTUNO devoted spaces (allowing for showing slides and films and using shared browsers);
  • Face-to-face through in-campus meetings at the head office of the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO or in UNINETTUNO Technological Poles located in the national and international territories; the calendar with the dates in which the Professors/Tutors of each modules are available to receive the student


The three delivery periods for each course of each academic year are structured in such a way as to connect the training model to a higher possibility of customization of study times for the students who thus will be able to enroll for the delivery period of a specific course deciding in which period of the year to work on it as well as to the Study Course enrolment modes that the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO leaves open all the year round; the students will be able to enroll at any time of the year, access the videolessons and training materials linked to them and immediately participate in the delivery period of the courses that are about to start.

Timetable of the Three-year Degree Courses – New Regulations (Min. Decree. 270/2004) Acad. Year 2016 -2017

Faculty / Degree Course Study Course Exams Final Exam
Economics Faculty
Economics and Business Management – Economics and Corporate Governance (Class L -18)      
Economics and Business Management - Culture, Tourism, Territory and Corporate Value (Classe L -18)
Economics and Business Management - Business Management (Classe L -18)
Economics and Business Management - Financial Management (Classe L -18)
Engineering Faculty
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Structures and Infrastructures Path(Classe L - 7)          
Civil and Environmental Engineering – Constructions, Survey and Topography Path (Classe L - 7)
Management Engineering – Economic Path (Classe L - 9)          
Management Engineering – Production Path (Classe L - 9)
Computer Engineering (Classe L - 8)          
Cultural Heritage Faculty
Operator for Cultural Heritage – Historical-Artistic and Architectural Heritage (Classe L - 1)        
Operator for Cultural Heritage – Archaeological Heritage (Classe L - 1)
Operator for Cultural Heritage – Archival-Librarianship Heritage (Classe L - 1)
Psychology Faculty
Psychosocial Disciplines (Classe L - 24)      
Communication Sciences Faculty
Communication, Media and Advertising (Classe L - 20)      


Timetable of the Second-Cycle Degree Course – Min. Decree 270/2004) Acad. Year 2016-2017

Faculty / Degree Course Study Course Exams Final Exam
Economics Faculty
Business Management and Digital Technologies (Classe LM-77)
Engineering Faculty
Civil Engineering - Path: Structures and Infrastructures (Classe LM23)         
Civil Engineering - Path: Building Science and Planning (Classe LM23)
Management Engineering - Path: Management of Industrial Processes (Classe LM31)          
Management Engineering - Path: Energy Systems (Classe LM31)
Computer Engineering - Path: Programming and Security (Classe LM32)         
Computer Engineering - Path: Big Data (Classe LM32)
Law Faculty
Law (single-cycle)  (Classe LMG/01)
Psychology Faculty
Cognitive Processes and Technologies - Human Computer Interaction and e-learning (Classe LM - 51)      
Cognitive Processes and Technologies – Technologies for personal Clinical support (Classe LM - 51)
Cognitive Processes and Technologies - Social Media and Communication (Classe LM - 51)



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