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The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, thanks to an agreement with the CNR (National Council of Research), allows its students to have access to some international publishing houses and electronic scientific resources.
Journals, e-books, databases: a true free digital library at the service of UNINETTUNO students and researchers. A virtual space allowing the students enrolled in our University to read materials in different languages which, otherwise, it would be probably be difficult to consult in a single actual Italian library.
Below a detailed list of the publishing houses that can be consulted, divided by subject:

Multidisciplinary publishing houses:

Elsevier (2468 journals, 3011 e-books and the SCOPUS database)
Springer (2396 journals and 33571 e-books)
Wiley (1735 journals and 14704 e-books)
Annual reviews (52 journals)
Oxford University Press ( 286 journals)
SAGE ( 642 journals)
Taylor & Francis ( 1537 journals)
IOS Press (108 journals)
Nature Publishing Group (39 journals)
ISI Thomson (9 databases)
JSTOR (archive of 640 journals in the field of humanities and mathematics)

Publishing houses in the field of chemical sciences:

American Chemical Society (62 journals)
Royal Society of Chemistry (94 journals , 34 e-books and 6 databases)

Publishing houses in the field of physical sciences:

American Institute of Physics (26 journals)
American Physical Society (11 journals)
Institute of Physics (91 journals)

Publishing houses in the field of computer sciences:

American Association for Computing Machinery (128 journals and 1005 proceedings)

>Publishing houses in the field of engineering

Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (452 journals, 5090 standards and 17786 proceedings)

To the above-mentioned publishing houses we have to add the following resources treating various subjects that can be hardly included into a specific discipline.


It is possible to access these resources from head office of UNINETTUNO University, in Rome, using the workstations available in the Library, on the first floor.
Apart from the CNR database, the Law Faculty made a subscription to Pluris, through which it is possible to consult UTET juridical database, always from the workstations available in the Library.


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