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Frequently Asked Questions - Technical

We invite you to select the link “Did you forget your password?” available in the homepage and then go on following the instructions for the “student” user profile.

We wish remind you that the password to access the Didactic Cyberspace is the same one that is used to access your University e-mail account and the Administrative Secretariat.

We wish remind you that the password to access your e-mail account is the same one that is used to access the Didactic Cyberspace and the Administrative Secretariat.

You can access the interactive classroom by selecting the relative link on the agenda, if available, or by following the instructions below:

- From your own Student’s Page select the module you are interested in.
- From the left side menu select the “Interactive Classrooms” item.
- From the displayed page select “Access the Interactive Classroom”.

Select one of the two links, based on your operation system:
Your browser will display a new page from which you will have to download the software package. Go down to the bottom of the page, where it says “Microsoft Skype for Business Basic”, select your language from the drop-down menu and select the “Download” red button.


Then, you will have to choose between two versions of this software package. Begin by downloading the second one (LyncEntry_bypass_ship_x86_it-it_exe\lyncentry.exe); if the set-up fails, try the first one. Save the file and wait for the downloading.

At the end of the downloading make double click on the downloaded file to start installing the software package. The system will ask you whether you agree to modify some settings of your PC; answer “yes”, accept the license terms and go on with the installation.

After having selected the link to access an interactive classroom, we invite you to select, from your browser, the “Install and participate by the Skype Meetings App (Web)” and execute the downloaded file.


In the interface select the “Access if you have an Office 365 account” and in the log-in page enter your UNINETTUNO-Microsoft credentials, set up in your “Student’s Page”.


Enter your credentials


From the student’s page, selecting, from the menu on the top, the “Options” item, in the “Skype for Business” question_ you can activate your UNINETTUNO-Microsoft credentials which you will need to access Skype for Business.

No later than midnight you will be enabled to access it.

On your PC just launch the Skype for Business application (in a Windows environment, from the start or find menu, writing “Skype for Business”; in a Mac environment, access Finder, select the “Applications” item and make double click on “Skype for Business”.

Make sure that your audio and video devices are connected to the PC you are using.

From the interface of the Skype for Business application, select the small arrow that you find beside the gear-looking form that you find on the top-right side.


Select the “tools” item and then the “Manage audio devices” item; from the interface that will be displayed, in the “Select the device to be used for the audio call” item, select the relative device from the drop-down menu.

After having selected the device, carry on an audio test for the loudspeaker, by selecting the PLAY button and checking whether the sound comes out the audio peripheral being selected, as well as for the microphone, by speaking and checking whether the microphone bar gets colored when you speak.


If the audio setting-up was successful, select the “Ok” button.

Select again the arrow beside the gear, the “tools” item and then, the “Managing video devices” item; in this case, from the drop-down menu select the relative device and then the “Ok” button.

In the interface of the “Skype for Business” application, please enter the access address and the password, and then select the “Access” item.

N.B.: if you do not remember your username and password, access your student’s page, select the “Options” item from the menu on the top and consult the question_ devoted to Skype for Business.

We remind you that, upon admission, you will access having your video and microphone off. To turn them on, you will have to use the icons on the bottom, inside the room.

For the video you have to select the camera-looking picture: the first click will start the preview, but, only selecting a second time the “Start personal video” button the video will be turned on.

For the microphone you have to select the second button, the barred microphone-looking one; this time, selecting only once this icon, the microphone will be turned on.


We wish to inform you that the statistical data are visible in the “Student’s Page” starting from the day after the vision of the videolessons.

In order to fill in the questionnaire you will have to log in using the University’s e-mail account from your Web browser.

Once you are logged in to your “Student’s Page”, we invite you to open a new sheet in your browser and access your e-mail account. At this point, you can select the “Questionnaire” item and start fill in it.

From the course page, select the “Interactive Exercises” menu item; for each interactive exercise completed you can select the “Display Questionnaire Rates” item and then “See Answers”.

You will display some questions with the supplied answers and the relative assessment.

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