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H.O.M.E. - Higher education Online: MOOCs the European way

Global programme: Lifelong Learning Programme
Project number: 543516-LLP-1-2013-1-NL-KA3-KA3BW
Duration: 30 Months (01-11-2013 - 30-04-2016)
Project Manager: Darco Jansen - EADTU
UNINETTUNO Scientific Leader: Maria Amata Garito
UNINETTUNO Project Manager: Nicola Paravati
Website: http://home.eadtu.eu/


HOME is a European project, co-funded within the Lifelong Learning Programme in 2014 and coordinated by EADTU. HOME is designed to promote and strengthen a network for European cooperation on MOOC.
The project involves all universities and vocational training institutions in order to stimulate and facilitate the integration of MOOC as part of the modernization of higher education in Europe.


Within the lifelong learning the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) make available to a wide audience free courses to enhance access to higher education, responding to the training needs of the beneficiaries.
To date, the majority of investments in Open Educational Resources and MOOCs are in United States, while the European response is slow and patchy.
In this context, the project partners of HOME project intend to provide a European MOOCs offer alternative to the American ones, using their extensive experience in the field of distance learning. The intent is to develop joint  models of MOOCs inspired to the European values of openness, equity, quality and diversity and able to reflect the multicultural aspects of European society.


The specific objectives of this project of HOME are to:
- determine the opportunities and characteristics for a European cooperation on MOOCs and to further develop these characteristics based on European values like openness, equity, quality and diversity;
- explicate and develop the didactic and pedagogic models for MOOCs on a European scale
- develop the conditions for shared educational services in offering and monitoring European MOOCs
- develop sustainable business models for joint efforts on these European MOOCs at a global, European, national and institutional level.
- build up a sustainable open knowledge network for these types of MOOCs which is open to the whole world.
- initiate activities in different learning communities to enhance European-wide competence development on main topics related to developing and offering MOOCs
- create guidelines and the policy incentives on a local, national and European level for an open knowledge network in MOOC offerings.

دور أونينتونو

Based on its expertise and technological infrastructure, UNINETTUNO’s contribution is particularly focused on the implementation the Curriculum and Course Development and the Dissemination of experiences and results.
In particular UNINETTUNO together with the other partners will identify and assess the learning materials, structuring them in an appropriate learning path. 
UNINETTUNO has the specific responsibility of producing a promotional video in English, aimed to present the project’s activities and objectives. The video will be broadcast by UNINETTUNO via UNINETTUNO WebTV (www.uninettuno.tv) and the TV satellite channel RAI NETTUNO SAT, covering all Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


PartnersCountryجهات الاتصالWeb
Anadolu UniversityTurkeyجهات الاتصالWeb
CADUV - Czech Association of Distance Teaching UniversitiesCzech Republicجهات الاتصالWeb
DAOU - Danish Association of Open UniversitiesDenmarkجهات الاتصالWeb
DCU - Dublin City UniversityIrelandجهات الاتصالWeb
EADTU - European Association of Distance Teaching UniversitiesHollandجهات الاتصالWeb
FIED - Fédération Interuniversitaire de l’Enseignement à DistanceFranceجهات الاتصالWeb
FOUAS - Finnish Online University of Applied SciencesFinlandجهات الاتصالWeb
HOU - Ελληνικό Ανοικτό Πανεπιστήμιο (Hellenic Open University)Greciaجهات الاتصالWeb
International Telematic University UNINETTUNOItalyجهات الاتصالWeb
KTU - Kaunas University of TechnologyLithuaniaجهات الاتصالWeb
KU Leuven - Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenBelgiumجهات الاتصالWeb
MCSU - Maria Curie Sklodowska UniversityPolandجهات الاتصالWeb
MESI - Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and InformatiRussianجهات الاتصالWeb
MESR - Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la RechercheFranceجهات الاتصالWeb
OUC - Open University of CyprusCyprusجهات الاتصالWeb
OUI - The Open University of IsraelIsraelجهات الاتصالWeb
OUNL - Open Universiteit NederlandHollandجهات الاتصالWeb
OUUK - The Open UniversityUnited Kingdomجهات الاتصالWeb
STU - Slovak University of Technology in BratislavaSlovakiaجهات الاتصالWeb
TLU - Tallinna Ülikool (Tallinn University)Estoniaجهات الاتصالWeb
UAb - Universidade AbertaPortugalجهات الاتصالWeb
UL - UNIVERZA V LJUBLJANISloveniaجهات الاتصالWeb
Universidad Nacional de Educación a DistanciaSpainجهات الاتصالWeb

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