Personal data:

Ahmed Mohamed Rashad Moussa

Department: Quantitative Methods & Inf. System,

Date of Birth: February 19, 1946 Four.

Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt

Nationality: Egyptian

Sex: Male

Permanent Address: Helwan University, Faculty of Science, Math. Dept. Cairo, Egypt.

e-mail :


Academic Qualifications:

a. B. Sc. Pure Math. & Stat., Dept. Faculty of Sc., Ain-Shams Univ.(Very Good) May, 1968

    b. Highest degree attained: Ph.D

    c. Major field of specialization: Probability Theory

    d. Special field of specialization: Information Theory

    e. Institute issuing Ph.D degree: Moscow State Univ., Faculty of Mathematics, Dept. of Probability & Mathematical Statistics.

    f. Date degree conferred: October 27, 1978

    g. Title of Ph.D Thesis: Some Problems of Theory of Random Design for Screening Experiments.

    h. Interesting fields: Information Th., Theory of Codes, Combinatorial analysis, Graph theory, and discrete Math.


Teaching Experience:

    A) Position

a. 1991 – to date Professor of Mathematical statistics            

b. 1984 – 1991   Associate Prof.      

c. 1978 – 1984   Assistant  Prof.                                       

d. 1968 – 1978   Assistant Prof.                                          

( Included mission to Moscow Stat University 1973-1978) 

            B) Place of job

a. 1968 –1971    Faculty of engineering Ain-Shams Univ.     

b. 1971-1981      Faculty of Science Mansoura Univ.              

c. 1981- 1997     Faculty of Science Benha Univ.                  

d. 1984- 1990     Faculty of Science Kuwait Univ.                 

f. 1997- to date  Faculty of Science Helwan Univ.                 

           g. 1999 – 2004   College of business  Administration              


          Membership in professional  Organizations:  


           a. Egyptian Mathematical Society                                   

         b. Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews


     Academic, Administrative or   related Experience:               

        a. Vic-Dean of faculty of Science.

         b. Member of faculty Council

       c. T.A Coordinator State. & O.R. Department Kuwait Univ.


Research & Publications:

[1] A.M. Rashad & A. Habib, "On One Search Model of False Coins," Egyption Statistical Journal, Vol. 25, pp. 24-32, 1981.

[2] A.M. Rashad, "Upper Bounds of Error Probability For Fk,n Ensemble of Random Codes," Egyption statistical Journal, Vol. 27, pp. 56-61: 1983.

[3] A.M. Rashad, " A Lower Bound to the Probability of Error For Discrete Memory less Noisy Channel," Journal of the Faculty of Education, Ain - Shams Univ. vol. 7, part 1, 221 - 226:1984.

 [4] A.M. Rashad, "The Lower Bound to The Average Error Probability Over Fk,1, Ensemble of Codes, " Bulletin of The Faculty of Science Zagazig Univ., 10, (Part Two) 114 – 120, ( 1988 )

 [5] Rashad A.M., " On Symmetrical superimposed codes," J. Inf. Process. Cybern. EIK, vol.7, pp 337 – 341; (1989)

 [6] A.G. Gyachkow, U.V. Rykov, A.M. Rashad, "Super imposed distance codes," Problems of Control and Infor. Theory, vol. 18(4), pp 237 – 250; ( 1989 )

[7] A.G. Dyachkow, A.M. Rashad, "Universal Decoding for Random Design of Screening Experiments; "Microelectronic and Reliability J.,    Vol. 29, No. 6, pp. 965 – 971; 1989

[8] Rashad A.M., " Random Coding bounds on the rate for list-decoding super imposed codes," Problems, control and Infor. Theory, vol. 19,N. 2, (1990) pp141-149.

[9] Rashad A.M., "Superimposed codes For The Search Model Of A. Renyi" Inter. J. Computer Math., Vol. 36, (1990), pp47-56.

   [10] Rashad A. M., "A Combinatorial Problem in Super imposed code Theory," Inter. J. Computer Math. (U.K.), Vol 46 No 1-2 (1992)

   [11] Rashad A. M. & et al., “Multistage Point and Confidence Interval Estimation of the Shape Parameter of Pareto Distribution”; The Korean Communications in Statistics Vol. 10 No. 3, 2003 pp. 1069-1086.

Korean Communications in Statistics Vol. 10 No. 3, 2003 pp. 1069-1086.


Papers Presented at Conferences:

[1]  Rashad A.M., “ Asymptotic Upper Bounds to Average Probability of Decoding Error Over Ensemble Code with Dependent Code Words,” Ninth International Congress For Statistics, Computer Sc., Social and Demographic Research, Ain - Shams Univ. Egypt, March 31- April 5, 1984.

 [2] A. G. Dyachkov, A.M. Rashad, “ On asymptotic of length for random screening designs ‘The fifth International Vilnius conference of probability theory and Mathematical Statistics (USSR).

[3] Rashad A.M., Bounds On The Length of Symmetrical Codes, “The 24th Annual Conference of Statistical, Computer Science, and Operation Research, Cairo University. Dec. 1989).

[4] Rashad A. M. & et al., “ Mathematical modeling in public health with special emphasis on infection diseases “ The first international conference of operations research and its applications, Cairo, 25 - 26 December 1994.

[5] Rashad A. M. & et al., ” The Role of Negative Binomial Sampling In Determining the Distribution Of Minimum Chi-Square”, The 38th Annual Conference of Statistical, Computer Science, and Operation Research, Cairo University. 13-16 Dec. 2003.

Community Service:

a.    Participate in training course on Statistical Methods by using the stat. Packages. (Kuwait University).

b.    Coordinator training course of Statistical Methods by using the stat. Packages. (Ben ha University. 1993 & 1994).


Graduate Thesis Supervised at Ph.D. / Master's level:

a.    Four Ph.D. degrees

b.    More than 10 Master degrees


Courses Taught at University level


i)    Undergraduate Courses


- Introduction to Probability Theory

      - Statistical Methods by Using Statistical packages

- Discrete Structures

- Finite Mathematics

- Theory of Statistics

- Theory of Information

- Nonparametric statistics

- Experimental Designs

- Regression Analysis


b. Introduction to computer Science - Benha Univ. (1993 - 94)

c. Course in statistics by using the Minitab package - Egypt (1994) ii) Graduate Courses

      a. Probability Theory

      b. Information Theory

      c.  Discrete Structures




Conferences and Symposiums Attended


1) Symposium on Sciences and Engineering Education in the 21st century, 9-12 April 1995, The American University in Cairo.

2) Computer Education in Egyptian Universities, Sponsored by The Egyptian Mathematical Society, January 1995.

3) Higher Education in Egypt and The Challengers of The 21st century, Monoufia University, May 1996

4) Mathematics of the Pre- University Stages, Sponsored by The Egyptian Mathematical Society & Ain- Shams University, June 1996.

5) Development of Faculties of Education In Accordance with the Recommendations of National Conference on Teacher Rehabilitation,

Sponsored by Faculty of Education, Benha University, Feb. 1997.

6) The 38th Annual Conference of Statistical, Computer Science, and Operation Research, Cairo University. Dec. 2004.