Ph.D. in Solid State Physics, Michigan State University, 1986



Currently Professor of Physics and Dean of Science at Yarmouk University, Jordan


Teaching activities:

         Teaching courses in various fields of physics at both graduate and undergraduate levels.


         Preparation of curricula and educational materials and manuals of physics at different levels in the undergraduate program.


         Supervision of research work for graduate theses.


Research interests:

Analytical Electron Microscopy, Metallic Thin Films and Superlattices, X-ray Diffraction, Mssbauer Spectroscopy, Magnetism of alloys and fine particles, fabrication and characterization of metallic alloys.


Management of scientific activities:

Managed several scientific research projects funded by national and international organizations. Also managed projects related to higher education in Northern Jordan and the study of environmental issues. Organized and attended numerous national and international scientific workshops and conferences.



         About 55 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, and about 11 publications in conference proceedings


         Edited three scientific books


         Refereed scientific work for academic staff promotions and publications, served on scientific editorial committees.

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