Personal Data

Surname:  Deif
Forenames:  Assem Shawki
Nationality:  Egyptian
Date of Birth: 1 October 1945
High School: College de la Sainte Famille (les peres Jesuites), Le Caire
Languages spoken: Arabic, English and French

Education and Degrees

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Published Papers/Mathematics

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Published Papers/Engineering Applications

  1. M.I.Sobhy and A.S.Deif: The State-Space Approach to First Order Perturbations in Electrical Networks, Trans. IEEE Circuits and Systems, 22,776-780, 1975
  2. M.I.Sobhy and A.S.Deif: Applications of the Perturbation Matrix in Network Design Problems, Electronics Letters, 11, 294-296, 1975
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  6. A.S.Deif and S.Hussein: Network Design from the Characteristic Polynomial, J. Appl. Math. Model., 8, 351-354, 1984

Papers in Conference Proceedings and invited talks

  1. A.S.Deif: Optimal Planning in Education to Meet Social Demand and Manpower Requirements, Proc. Intern. Conf. Autom. Control IFAC) Ed:A.Ghoneim, Amer. University, Cairo, 1977
  2. A.S.Deif: Non-Conservative Mechanical Systems Subjected to Small Variations in their Parameters, Proc. First Conf. on Mech. Design and Production, Ed:G.Shawki, Cairo University,1979
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  6. A.S.Deif and A.Hussein: Interval Analysis, a Tool for Controlling Accuracy
    invited lecture to the dept. of mathematics conf., the school of science of Cairo univ. for the Commemoration of Prof. A.Ashour Birthday, 1984
  7. A.S.Deif : Three chronic problems in numerical analysis, invited paper to the first. intern. Conf. in engineering mathematics and physics held at Cairo university in Dec.1990
  8. A.S.Deif : Interval analysis, a tool in numerical computations,
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  9. A.S.Deif : Accuracy and computational stability by interval analysis,
    paper invited to the second intern. Conf. in engineering mathematics and physics held at Cairo university in Dec.1994
  10. A.S.Deif : Misconceptions in teaching calculus,
    paper invited to the second internal symposium in mathematics education organized by the ministry of education at Ibrahymia school, Cairo, Febr.2000

Refereed Technical Reports

  1. A.S.Deif: The State Equations of Electrical Networks from a Lagragian Formulation, Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, 4, 285-293, 1979
  2. A.S.Deif: Perturbation of the Eigenvalues of Non-Diagonalizable Matrices, Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, 2,133-142,1980
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  4. A.S.Deif and A.Hussein: Perturbation of the Eigenvalues of a Defective Matrix, Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, 2, 1-7, 1987


  1. A.S.Deif: Advanced Matrix Theory for Scientists and Engineers, Abacus Press London and Halsted Press division of John-Wiley and Sons, New York, 1982. A second edition appeared in 1991 by Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, London
  2. A.S.Deif: Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Systems, Springer-Verlag, Berlin and Heidelberg, 1986
  3. A.S.Deif: Differential and Integral Calculus, Dar Al-Maaref, Cairo, 1996 in Arabic in its first edition. A third edition appeared lately and a CD-Rom is about to be produced. A brief description is found in:

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Dr. Deif is the owner and moderator of the Calculus_eg society on the web, focussing on Calculus-related subjects. The site includes queries of students, links on related issues, exams, etc…The society was founded in Sept. 2000, see:

He also contributed to many other e-groups societies.