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The research, Tatiana Mazali, conducts sociologically-oriented research work aimed at studying social media. This research work takes origin from PRIN 2007, a project of national relevance, whose title is “COOPERARE, content organization, propagation, evaluation and reuse through active repositories – The Web, the Institutions and Cultural Heritage”.

Description of the CoOperare Project
CoOPERARE aims at supplying theoretical, empirical and designing tools for enhancing web-based management of cultural heritage, their utilisation and their spreading for educational, creative, scientific research and cultural promotion purposes. Each research field identifies results from which theoretical concepts and technological experimentation, enhancement of utilisation knowledge and practices, sharing and re-use of this heritage can benefit. More specifically these research issues are: social media, user generated content and cultural heritage.

Specific activities of the research work carried out by Tatiana Mazali

Tatiana Mazali carries out quantitative-qualitative empirical research work by using visual content analysis methodologies to analyse ‘user generated’ photographic production in the frame work of the Flickr photo sharing platform.
Based on this research work they analyse cultural production modes within social media in the attempt of trying to understand the relationship existing between contents/contexts/ productions of individuals and of groups. Research questionnaires and methodologies are based on sociological models as well as theoretical frame of reference for interpreting collected data.


MAZALI T. (2009), “The Participatory Culture by Henry Jenkins : an empirical reflection on social network sites”, in JOS Journal of Sociocybernetics. Vol. 7, n. 2, Winter.
ISSN 1607-8667

MAZALI T. (2009), “La participatory culture di Henry Jenkins: un frame di analisi teorico ed empirico per i beni culturali”, in MONACI S. e SCIFO B. (edited by), Sociologia 2.0, pratiche sociali e metodologie di ricerca sui media partecipativi, Napoli: Scriptaweb – pp. 33-57
ISBN 9788863810790

MAZALI T. (2009), “Flickr e la produzione di contenuti nel web 2.0, un caso di studio empirico”, in Sociologia della comunicazione, Milano: Franco Angeli, n. 40 / 2009.
ISSN 11211733

Scientific coordinator: Prof. Mario Ricciardi, Politecnico di Torino


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