The academic partnership with the London School of Business and Finance and London College of Contemporary Art

The London School of Business and Finance, the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO and the LCCA - London College of Contemporary Art have launched an academic partnership envisaging the delivery of several new (post-degree) master’s programmes in the English language aimed at students worldwide wishing to specialise in the fields of management, strategic marketing, investments finance, fashion, tourism hospitality and international law.
The delivery of the single master’s programmes started in July 2013 and are continuing updated in terms offer number of available programs and field of study.
Video lessons, designed according to innovative formats and contents, study and team-work sessions and the use of the most advanced technologies aimed at promoting interaction among students and among teachers-tutors-students, training materials, personal teachers and tutors. These master’s programmes will allow the enrolled students to choose among modular and customisable study paths.

The partnership with LSBF and LCCA will allow students to have a direct line to the leading companies globally in the specific areas of the programs.
A very important part of the programme is based on integrated activities for career services and job opportunities available for the students and coordinated by specific offices in order to create a link between the learning experience and the global labour market.




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